• RE: Why has the CONNECT edition of Bentley View been removed?

    MicroStation Review promotes the viewing of DGN files.  It is zero cost for the V8i version.  That makes it easy for a project manager to recommend to non-CAD users in her organisation.

    Makai Smith said:
    Please consider Bentley Navigator CONNECT Edition…

  • RE: Bentley Connect View (?)

    My understanding is that BV SS4 is the last free viewer that Bentley are providing, as they have now removed the CONNECT edition. Is this is the case then that is a shame and probably a mistake, but I guess that Bentley know what they are doing!!
  • RE: IDEAS - What will Bentley do with them and when?

    I can appreciate Ian's feelings on this subject and even sympathies with it.

    For myself I'd like Bentley to ask questions and for "ideas" which result in getting the entire community into CE.  I know our office wont move till a few critical…

  • IDEAS - What will Bentley do with them and when?

    I have just reviewed the IDEAS in this forum and there are a lot of very good IDEAS and some have been either promoted or demoted in popularity.  But as yet, I cannot recall seeing any of them implemented.  Some of them were suggested at the EAP stage and…

  • RE: Do you use keyboard shortcuts?

    Use PM keyboard shortcuts all the time and have done since they came out. I do NOT like the ribbon as it's not productive.
  • RE: Do you use keyboard shortcuts?

    I am the opposite of Lorys. I LOVE the keyboard mapping! I know a lot of people do not understand the way it is set up, but within a short period I was able to memorize most of what I use on a daily basis. I find that the people who do not use Microstation…
  • MicroStation CE Update 1 is available in the download section. (

    Subject says it all.

  • RE: Connect - Import Tables - requires Excel

    Thats kind of like requiring you to buy AutoCAD to import a DWG file.
    IMHO basic functions that are dependent on other application being installed is a poor road to follow.
  • RE: New Ribbon interface, what do you think?

    Element Selection default tool, individual and New options.
    1. click on something for a selection
    2. V8i: Hold down right mouse button and Isolate
    CE: Same thing but called DisplaySet Set or shift+RB and DisplaySet Set(D), conveniently close to the cursor…
  • RE: New Ribbon interface, what do you think?

    And up the side, where there's space to spare on a modern wide screen, instead of disproportionately squeezing the working area vertically. I bet, if Microsoft had made a vertical ribbon technically possible, there'd be far less complaint.
  • RE: Connect - will it ever get fixed?

    I'm uninstalling microstation connect. I cant waste company time. I will continue to play with it at home ( maybe) I hope Bentley spends its time on tools instead of GUI.
  • Connect - will it ever get fixed?

    OK, so half the parametric doors in my drawing just disappears... again.  Will I never learn?  Never believe what a developer says in the Marketing BS.

    I've used every Major rev of MicroStation ever released and have Beta tested starting with V4.  This…

  • RE: Connect - will it ever get fixed?

    It looks like Bentley doesn't really test its product before releasing it. How does Bentley actually tests its products? Product should be tested by users (designers) and not Bentley box tickers. So, you do not test a product by ticking boxes whether…
  • RE: Connect - will it ever get fixed?

    stuartw said:
    and using it's customer base as beta testers

    Seems to be a popular way how to release different software in today world. Companies like Google even named the most of their software "beta" and their change, cancel it or whatever else without…

  • RE: Connect - will it ever get fixed?

    I won't even touch Connect for the foreseeable future. It's not even compatible with InRoads Ss2 (though that's just one small example). And switching over to OpenRoads format isn't an option.