• [IR SS2] Generate H & V geometry from point elements?

    I have received several files from our surveyors that have any number of points drawn into them. These are not COGO points. They are spot elevation points shot along the centerline of a road. They are graphic cell elements, more or less in a line, that…

  • [IR SS4] Cannot detach or delete the ThreeDSpace - why not?

    Somehow, one of my sheets has developed a 3D model - probably in response to some kind of design data interaction (I haven't worked on this project in months). It's empty, there are no graphic elements in it at all. I'd like to get rid of it. InRoads…

  • [V8i SS2] Print Organizer omitting raster images

    So this issue just recently started occurring and I have tried many different thing to try and remedy it.  If I print from the normal print dialog I get a perfect print, but when I setup the exact same print for 20+ documents then I end up with no rasters…

  • Attaching Displaying Raster Images In MicroStation

      Product: MicroStation
      Version: V8 2004, XM, V8i, CONNECT
      Environment: N\A
      Area: Raster
      Subarea: N/A

    Raster imagery can often greatly enhance the MicroStation environment, whether one is working with a geospatial, civil, or any…

  • Can you add a number to a number returned to you in a pen table text substitution?

    I am looking to either add 1 or subtract 1 from the $PSET$ text substitution in print organizer to place on a matchline.

  • Can't Open DXF files in Microstation or AutoCAD


    We get DXF files over that have been created in AutoCAD and in theory we should be able to open them in Microstation but 5% of the files that are sent over we can't seem to open in either.

    I have tried to open in AutoCAD, Fusion 360 and Microstation…

  • Creating Associations to GEOPAK and InRoads in ProjectWise

    Product(s): InRoads, MX, GEOPAK
    Version(s): 08.11.05
    Area:  ProjectWise


    Creating Associations to GEOPAK and InRoads in ProjectWise


    Accessing GEOPAK and/or InRoads products via ProjectWise in the SELECTseries 2 refresh requires associating…

  • Determining keyins associated with tool settings

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    Original Post Date:  December 2010

    To determine, and set, options in the tool settings box, use the set item keyin.  For example, let's suppose you want a keyin to turn on or off the Join Elements  option found with the Place SmartLine tool.

  • Edit a Cells in MicroStation

    How can I edit a Cell in MicroStation to have all instances of that Cell in my drawing to be updated dynamically?

  • Edit dimension text to be an asterisk

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    Original Tip Date: Dec. 19, 2003

    Edit dimension text to be an *
    This helpful tip was posted by Dennis Barker in the discussion groups.

    In some situations you may require your dimension text to read as an asterick…
  • Error opening dgnlib file of custom workflow again in ORD

    Add the dgnlib file of the custom workflow under 【C:\Program Files\Bentley\OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition\OpenRoadsDesigner\Default\gui\Archive】. Open the ord software to see the additional workflow tab; if you want to edit the dgnlib file again…
  • How to use stacked fractions with True Type fonts within Dimensions?

      Applies To 
      Product(s): MICROSTATION
      Environment:  N\A
      Area:  Dimensions
      Subarea:  Dim Styles
      Original Author: Bentley Technical Support Group


    How to use stacked fractions…

  • Import Superelevation Format

    What is the format of the csv for importing to a superelevation section?

  • Insert a new line or carriage return

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    Original Tip Date: Feb 15, 2001

    Insert a Carriage Return in your text
    To insert a carriage return type \010 in your text string.

    AskInga Tip #5

  • MicroStation CONNECT Edition 2D Basics

    MicroStation CONNECT Edition 2D Basics

    Video demonstrations are a great source of learning. With the help of videos, Sam Hendrick has created a Master Class on the 2D Basics of MicroStation CONNECT Edition. The different videos explaining various operations…

  • ORD Update 2 Slope indicators/tad poles


    The What's New section states that there is an enhancement for drawing production to draw slope indicators/tad poles? 

    I am digging for that tool in the Ribbon, Toll Boxes and can not find it. How to access this tools? Is it a feature definitione…

  • place note with text below line

    Can the text from a Place Note command be made to display below the leader line?  We would like to be able to put "proposed" text above the line, and "existing" text below the line.  I have written a VBA that works, but would like to…

  • Print Organizer Fonts and Lintestyles

    I am working on a new workspace for my company and have encountered a problem with print organizer not using the fonts and linestyles that are called for in the workspace.  I am using the correct pcf. The dgn looks correct on the screen and when I print…

  • Saving reference level changes

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    When making changes to reference levels, you may run into the following message:

    Changes to attachment levels will only be valid for this session. 

    Should this be the case, then the keyin SET REFLEVELOVERRIDES is more than likely turned off.


  • Use of Special Characters in Project Name

    Ran to an issues with uStn not creating PDF's because of a comma "," in the project name.  Can someone refresh my memory about the special characters not recognized by Microstation??

    In the good old days (Unix, NT, XP) only underscore, dash…