• Ratio Formatting


    Is there a way to have a ratio labeled as 2:3 instead of 1:1.5?

    When i set the precision to 0 i get 1:2 which is just wrong. 

  • The CONNECT Configuration

    Here's a little post to add some clarity. I have had several colleagues mention that they would better understand CONNECTs workings if they had a flowchart. This is what I came up with - enjoy:

  • RE: When I Rotate view element – Compass does not rotate to view, but Auxiliary instead.

    There are a number of options to consider if your AccuDraw Settings are not sticking. The first would be if you have a corrupt User Preference File (UPF) or if the folder / file is ReadOnly. You might like to look at the following Wiki article to reset…

  • [CE U13.1] Generated level numbers not unique?


    this question is a consequence of thinking about an issue discussed by in this post.

    To refresh my knowledge, I read these two wiki articles about level numbers:

    Both articles…

  • RE: [V8i Ss2/4] Power InRoads - Can we use Ss4 Geo Coordinates in Ss2?

    Note: Revisions in Bold Italic. (I missed one of the files - so its four files, not just three.)

    Sorry, but no joy with this approach. The Select Geographic Coordinate System dialog box populates with "folders" but the organization is not the same and…

  • Editing Cross Sections in ORD

    Hi everyone,

    OpenRoads Designer uses a different workflow to create XS sheets than was previously used in V8i versions. The XS sheets contain views or snapshots into the managed 3D model which are referenced into the XS sheet model. And so hand editing of…

  • ORD UK Configuration

    Hello there,

    Please excuse me if something below may sound like a rant, it is.

    I am a long time user of MX looking to switch to ORD. The biggest hurdle for me is creating a Configuration from scratch. I have started, done some of it, but the "intelligence…

  • RE: Civtools for CE - Flatten elements to the same Z

    Hello Joshua,

    We have added the Set Element Elevation tool from CivTools and included this under the Manipulate ribbon group in the Ribbon Home tab.

    You can select one or multiple elements and flatten them to a set elevation.



  • RE: how to place a note with circle , in which the circle is line weight 1 and the leader line weight 0?

    Not sure what version of Microstation you are using, but you can still use the keyin for v8i & CONNECT "analyze element". This brings up the legacy Element Information dialog. THe great thing about this method of analyzing an element is that it is more…

  • Accudraw Focus Disrupted by Heads-Up Toolbars

    I do not know if the heads-up toolbars are only in the Civil suites, but they seem to often steal focus from regular Accudraw when trying to accomplish simple drafting tasks, like moving something with one of the axis locked to align with a keypoint of…

  • RE: [IR SS2] Generate H & V geometry from point elements?

    Use Single Element Regression and just define the Linear. You can create a single tangent through all the points. But it's not going to connect each point like you originally mentioned, but regress a single tangent as a best fit through them all.

  • CE: New Approach for Text Substitution

    I just started testing this method out but it seems to be working great so I thought I would share.

    I am using the Excel Lookup table to populate various Text Fields for all my Sheet models. In a separate model, I place a cell with an Item Type definition…

  • RE: What are the ramifications of updating to Connect U13 from U10

    Nothing with the file format changes, but there is a big change in licensing.

    Starting with U11 MicroStation moves away from SELECTserver and goes to CONNECT Licensing. This will require every user have a Bentley account and sign in to CONNECTION Client…

  • RE: text editor background color

    Hi MaryB,

    Setting configuration variable QV_DISABLE_D3D11=1 can resolve this issue.

  • RE: Open files without changing the last modified date

    Hi Mario,

    You could create a new shortcut that opens MicroStation in read-only mode in the right-click "Send To" menu of Windows Explorer. This won't change the default DGN double-click behavior, but it will let you easily open any DGN in…