• RE: Area class in drawing name

    Hello Ama, 

    Thanks for explanation your requirement.

    The Area Class can be called out in drawing name. Please follow the below Steps: 

    1. First filter out your required area for which you want to create drawings using search parts tool. E.g you are going…
  • RE: ProSteel integrated with ProjectWise crashes with multiple drawings open

    All you have to do is, ....  UNDOCK the LAYERS Toolbar....

    You can have it floating, just not docked on the bottom OR top of the screen.  Sides are ok.

    So far this seems to be the only Toolbar that activated the replicable crash.  Silly, I know but it is…

  • How to view hole in the model in different displayed style (illustration)

    How to view hole in the model in different displayed style (illustration)

    1) Right click the element with hole.

    2) Go to the PS Properties.

    3) On the general data, choose layout, and under the hole drop down list, choose "real holes".

  • Newsletter Quarter 1, 2015

    Q1-2015 Newsletter

    Greetings everyone, a belated Happy Easter!

    Well this quarter for me has been mainly travel and training.

    In any spare time that I have had in between I have been trying to finalise the NZ Localisation, and creating videos for my…

  • what is the meaning of color coding in 2D Detail centre ?

    Hi All.

    I just found out some different colour coding in left side of model parts in detail centre.what is that mean ? could you please explain ?