• Blendflecken im Rendering

    Hallo liebe Community,


    ich arbeite noch nicht lange mit der V8i und habe ein Problem beim Rendern. Eventuell ist das ein typischer Anfängerfehler und ganz leicht zu beheben.

    Alle Umgebungslichter habe ich ausgeschaltet, kein Environment aktiviert…

  • Civil Geometry Trim Extend

    Many of the Civil Geometry commands provide a trim extend option as part of the promp sequence.  For example, in the beginning of the video below you see the Arc Between Elements command creating curb returns for the intersection.  In addition, the Geometry…

  • Dual Monitor and Windows 7: What's different to WinXP?

    Hi there,

    most discussion and tips around dual monitor settings for MicroStation here relate to WinXP. For example tips like

    1. Use Extended Desktop instead DualView to avoid Performance Penalty on second Monitor and to avoid glitches

    2. Use one Application…

  • Interior Animation


    I have a request of my client to make a interior animation of a large and complex project.

    My experience with rendering interior stills is, that this is more time consuming than exterior rendering.

    Therefore I doubt that I can live upto the expectation…

  • Make a DTM and drape an image MicroStation V8i (excluding SSx)

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    Original Article Date: May 28, 2010

    This tutorial is based on 2004 article that was written for MicroStation XM.  You can view that article here:

    Make a DTM and drape an image MicroStation pre-V8i


    Explore the file:
    Download, open and explore 220_Points…

  • MicroStation Friendly 3D File Formats

    I'm working on behalf of a DOT to get some 3D models from Pictometry.  Here's a list of 3D file formats they list on some literature:

    • ESRI ArcGlobe 9.2
    • Viewtec encrypted file format (*.ivc)
    • OpenFlight files (*.flt)
    • Autodesk…

  • MicroStation SELECTseries 3 Benchmark (Beta)

    MicroStation SELECTseries 3 Benchmark (beta) (updated 9-20-2013)

    The MicroStation Benchmark is mdl application designed to gauge how well MicroStation V8i SELECTseries 3 and later will perform on your computer. Several tests are run to evaluate not only…

  • OBJ Materials Not Rendering in Luxology

    I'm trying to use the luxology enginer to render a scene that is referencing an OBJ file.  I can see the materials applied to the solid objects in my view (as "smooth"), and I can render with Luxology and see the materials when my active file is the…

  • Overrides on attachment nested in attachment?!

    Howdo.. ?!!?

    I suspected it was easy, but it seems impossible to change leveloverride color in an attachment that is ON another attachment?! (A second level attachment if you like)

    PLEASE tell me if you know it is IMpossible as much design relies on…

  • Print the contents of a cell library

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    MicroStation V8i makes it simple to plot the contents of a cell library.  Just open the cell library as the active file and choose Place Cell Index from the Cells task.  Tweak the settings and enter a data point on the view.  MicroStation will build a…

  • Printing Levels (Layers) to PDF without Hierarchical Folder System

    Hi All,

    I'm having a problem when printing to PDF!

    Using the pdf.pltcfg, I have turned on "Enable Optional Content" in Driver Properties to get it to create "Layers" in my PDF to match my DGN, no drama there.

    My question is…

  • Punktwolken NEU

    Wer Punktwolken bearbeitet sollte sich dieses Video zur brandneuen Produkt-Version anschauen.

    Pointools V8i - die ganz neue Version

    Wenn es um Bestandsdaten-Erfassung für 3D Modelle geht bietet "Pointclouds" Laserscanning den effektivsten Weg. Um…

  • Set up a seed file for your UPF file

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    Original Tip Date: Oct. 6, 2003

    Set up a seed file for your UPF file

    Getting tired of having to reset your user preferences after you've deleted your UPF file? If so, then utilize MS_USERPREFSEED.

    Here's how:

    Set up your preferences the…

  • TriForma is locking files...

    We have groups that use different Bentley products to build parts of large interdisciplinary projects.  The groups that use TriForma based products such as Bentley Architecture or Bentley Structural have their files locked down to only being able to be…

  • TriForma to SolidWorks conversion **Need Help**

    If anyone has any experience pushing a TriForma model into SolidWorks, could you please contact me at: McGinnisMichael@StanleyGroup.com.  I am having a bit of difficulty, and could use some assistance.


  • Tutorial: Automating Printing through Print Styles

    (This article applies to MicroStation V8i)

    In this tutorial, I'm going to demonstrate how to automate some common tasks in both Print Organizer and the single-Print dialog using print styles. This is intended primarily for CAD administrators.…

  • Volume effects in lights not working

    Today I did some tests with lights. Strange thing is that If I want to add volume effects in the testmodel, nothing happens.
    If I make a new model, and add some lights with volume effects however,it does work.

    Does anyone have an idea what I'm doing wrong…

  • What happens when you launch MicroStation?

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    Original Article Date: March 26, 2004

    There are five levels of configuration that determine how MicroStation will behave when started, as well as when it's opened. These variables are defined in a variety of configuration files and are processed…

  • Wie kann man die Schraffur / Farben von 3D Waenden/Elementen aendern und manipulieren

    Hallo Leute

    Wie kann man die Schraffur / Farben von 3D Waenden/Elementen aendern und manipulieren (pic see attached)

    Q: Wo wird die Schraffur geaendert: Im Modell oder im sheet?

    Q: Wenn das moeglich ist! Wie wird das genau gemacht. Step by Step waere…