• "Triforma has intentionally restricted changes to this element"

    We have a project that was done in Bentley Architecture. The project is now on construction stages and there are some changes that needs to be done on the floor plan. We are now using the extracted 2D floor plans to do the changes. But we can not make…

  • Automatic Hatching / Patterning in Dynamic Views

                    When you place a dynamic view as a reference attachment on a sheet, you can set up your solids to automatically generate hatching / patterning on the section plane. This is a big relief because you no longer need to manually apply hatching / patterning…

  • dcdrape Resolution Issues

    I’m trying to drape an aerial photo onto a 0.25m grid.

    The photo that is being draped looks like this:

    When I try to use dcdrape to drape the photo it ends up looking like this:

    Any help on how to make the rendering look more…

  • DIN-Standard für Dynamische Schnitte in V8i

    Hallo zusammen,

    im V8i-Forum habe ich Fragen gestellt die sich auf meine Versuche beziehen, dynamisch hergestellte Schnitte in die deutsche Form zu bringen. Bentley hat erstmal geantwortet: Nicht alles geht in V8i, und bevor ich da Service Ticket…

  • Dynamische Ansichten in aktueller deutscher MS v8i

    Nach dem Anlegen einer Schnittmarkierung und Identifizieren eines Elements öffnet sich das Fenster Dynamische Ansichten. Ich habe dann Festansicht erstellen, Blatt erstellen etc. aktiviert und bestätigt - danach passiert gar nichts mehr - es wird also…

  • Enabling Lock Pages In Memory Under Windows 7 and Vista

      Applies To 
      Product(s): MicroStation
      Version(s): V8i
      Environment:  Windows 7-10, Vista
      Area:  N/A
      Subarea:  N/A
      Original Author: Keith Bentley, Bentley Software Group

    MicroStation can use more than 4GB of physical…

  • Export cells to a library

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    Original Tip Date: May 2003

    Updated:  December 2010

    Export cells to a library  

    In MicroStation V8, use this super cool keyin to export shared cells from either a DGN or DWG to a cell library:   export cells shared [name_of_a_new_cell_library]


  • Find/Replace Paths in MicroStation Print Organizer Print Sets

    When working with print sets (.PSET) in Print Organizer, the full path to the design file, pen tables, and design scripts are used.  Sometimes the files that make up a print set are renamed or moved to another folder. This can cause problems when printing…

  • GTAGE - Global Tag Edit Program

    I'd like to present GTAGE, the Global Tag Edit Program.

    This program allows the user to edit tags in cells (or shared cells) across models. Based on the filters you set, the program searches throughout the drawing for cells with tags in them and…

  • Lighting - splotches / caustic problems


    I've followed the advice in the splotches pdf to try and get rid of the problems you can see in the attached image around the ceiling raft and on the column. I've set indirect caustics to none and visible to indirect rays un-checked for the ceiling…

  • Maxwell Render for Beginners.

    Maxwell Render is a third party unbiased render engine that produces absolutely stunning images. It has a reputation for being slower than other render engines but don't let that put you off. It is powerful, elegant, surprisingly easy to use, and has…

  • MicroStation SELECTseries 3 Benchmark (Beta)

    MicroStation SELECTseries 3 Benchmark (beta) (updated 9-20-2013)

    The MicroStation Benchmark is mdl application designed to gauge how well MicroStation V8i SELECTseries 3 and later will perform on your computer. Several tests are run to evaluate not only…

  • Microstation SS3 - with same render engine as Modo 501

    The Luxology render engine has been part of Microstation since 2008, and there has been a large number of enhancements and new  features in this period.  The last couple of months I've been beta testing the "SS3" version of Microstation using the same render…

  • MicroStation V8i German ist jetzt verfügbar auf SELECTservices Online


              Product Name:          MicroStation V8i

              Version Number:

              Application Group:    SELECT Released Products

              Language:                German

              Operating Systems:  Windows XP

                                          Windows Server 2003

                                          Windows Vista

                                          Windows Vista x64

                                          Windows XP Tablet PC Editio…

  • Mit MicroStation V8i SELECTseries 1, 2 und 3 direkt in die Ansicht rendern

    Wer sich mit dem Luxology-Rendering von MicroStation V8i noch nicht vertraut machen konnte, also jenem Fenster, das erscheint, wenn man auf das Icon für Rendering klickt, und ein Rendering direkt in der Ansicht vornehmen möchte, so wie es von Vorgängerversionen…
  • Raytrace or Luxology

    For many years I have been using XM raytrace to generate aerial renderings of urban design projects.  My workflow includes the creation of an image-draped DTM, simple massing models of buildings and street trees, minimal materials. Some examples - http…

  • Rendering and working with PointClouds is very very poor?

    My Experience with Point Clouds Rendering in uStation v8i SS3

    All across Bentley.com is read about pointools, Descartes and "Visualization" of point clouds... But I dont really see HOW to do that ANYWHERE?

    I mean.. I can load a pointcloud…

  • Slideshow of clip volumes?

    Is it possible to set up a sideshow of clip volumes through a building? The idea is to start at one end (with not much of the building showing) and the slide down the building in a continuous 'clip', to the other end.

    Does this makes sense, and…