• Animation & Microstation - on the right track?

    I never really got the grip on animating in Microstation, and most of my attempts have ended in the Recycle Bin.  In the last few weeks I've tested some new features and made a few new attempts to learn more about the animation possibilities in Microstation…

  • Animation problem


    I am doing a simple interior rendering. All goes well until after 50 seconds the indirect lighting changes.

    All the frames (720) where rendered in one take with the same settings:

    - Interior Good…

  • AutoCAD PGP file not working in V8i


    I am currently upgrading our office from V8 2004 to V8i (SELECTseries 2) and everything is working great, except for the AutoCAD PGP file we use for our AutoCAD users.

    The same PGP file works fine in V8 2004, but for some reason all I get in the V8i…

  • Bemassung

    Tipps zur Bemaßung

    • zum Bemaßen (und Beschriften) referenzieren Sie Ihre Konstruktion an ein Blattmodell
    • wann immer möglich sollte Bemaßung "assoziativ" sein
    • Laden Sie die DGNLIB der Beispiele 

    Verändern  durch…

  • Can BIMG be compressed?

    Just tried compressing the containing folder and it failed, probably because a Luxo process is running, but the question I have is whether the BIMG file structure itself can be optimised to take up more space.

    I only realised how large they were because…

  • Convert point cells to graphic cells in a MicroStation V8 cell library

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    Original Tip Date: May 2003

    Updated:  August 2010

    Convert Point cells to Graphic cells in a MicroStation V8 Cell Library
    For the first versions of MicroStation V8, you can use this macro to to convert point cells to graphic cells.  To process…

  • Create New Sheet by Placing Callout

                     In my last blog http://communities.bentley.com/Other/Old_Site_Member_Blogs/Peer_Blogs/b/mark_penns_blog/archive/2009/09/23/saved-views-center-of-universe-for-sheet-composition.aspx  I wrote about "Create Dynamic View" dialog. In this blog, I will show…

  • Dual Monitor and Windows 7: What's different to WinXP?

    Hi there,

    most discussion and tips around dual monitor settings for MicroStation here relate to WinXP. For example tips like

    1. Use Extended Desktop instead DualView to avoid Performance Penalty on second Monitor and to avoid glitches

    2. Use one Application…

  • Effective Dynamic Views !

    Can Dynamic Views be the answer to creating Actual Construction Drawings or, for that matter, any drawings or sheets which can be printed?

    Yes, they surely can ...

    Here are some examples of Dynamic Views workflows. Any one of them can be used to…

  • Fur test

    Today I did a few tests with the fur option.  In the first picture you can see a simple plane with a pattern and fur combined. This works good. On the second picture you see a fur height determined by an image. This works also very good. 

    If I combine…

  • Games engines - real time Viz

    Hello there

    I've recently come across this


    From the 'Unreal Tournament' series of games (and many others it would seem)

    Tried it out briefly and it seems pretty impressive (from my limited experience of such things…

  • In Scheiben schneiden für Laser Cutting

    Mit der Funktion "Planare Schnitte" in der Task "Volumenmodellierung" (S-6-4) können Sie mit MicroSation Volumenelemente in "Scheiben schneiden" um diese z.B. mit einem Laser ausschneiden zu lassen. Damit lassen sich einfach…

  • Interior Animation


    I have a request of my client to make a interior animation of a large and complex project.

    My experience with rendering interior stills is, that this is more time consuming than exterior rendering.

    Therefore I doubt that I can live upto the expectation…

  • Locked models

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    Original Tip Date: Mar 17, 2005

    Locked models
    MicroStation V8
    To lock the active model, use this keyin: model lock
    To unlock it, use: model unlock

    When either of these keyins are issued, the Message Center will indicate the change.

  • Rendering Lighting Version


    I am trying to install accurate lighting within a room i have created. So far the only way I can illuminate the room is to place 21 area lights (each light is 20 x 200W industrial bulbs). For rendering purposes it does the job but practically it…

  • Snow - Rain & Weather Effects

    With all the snow in London at present it actually got me thinking, has anyone dabbled in any kind of weather effects?

    I'd be interested to know what people have achieved in regard to rain and snow.

    I regularly have to do renders of buildings in…

  • Studio Environment Set 1 pack from 9b Studios now available for MicroStation!

    Luxology and 9b Studios have just released a kit of 51 high resolution (4000x2000) HDR environments from Yazan Malkosh, which are now available for MicroStation, Modo and Solidworks PhotoView 360!

    The package includes:

    • 51 HDR Images packed into Environment…
  • V7 Tree palette

    In Microstation v8i I can't seem to find any trees palette. Is the old v7 tree palette available in v8i? if not how can I obtain some trees tif or jpg's to render?



  • Video Tutorials Training DVD für Microstation

    Hallo, weiß zufällig jemand, ob es Video Trainings zu kaufen gibt?? Hab auf Youtube schon alles angeschaut, bin aber ganz neu in microstation (bin acad user). Ich dachte da an so etwas wie Lynda.COM oder video2brain. Hat jemand einen Tip? Thx Mfg…

  • Walk man test animation

    I have downloaded one man walking animation from this site. But i cant found tutorial for this. If anybody can help me to find tutorial for this? Thanks