• [CE U12] How to access parametric solid using EC Query?


    this my question does not relate to specific API and is more about general concepts how to access elements and related data.

    Also, it's just a theory and I did not write any test code yet, so maybe I will realize I am asking something obvious when…

  • [CONNECT C#] ElementChangedEvent and Item Types

    Versions: MicroStation Update 10 ( and SDK

    I am trying to update an Item Type property on an element that has been moved. If I try to update the item type using a change event the code below will fail. If however, I put this code…

  • [CONNECT C++] Database API Introduction


    In MicroStation CONNECT Edition, we can use Database APIs to write Database apps. Here is a simple guide for the basic programming.


    1. Create a new DGN file.

    2. Prepare a valid Oracle database(You can use other databases also…

  • [CONNECT CE] How to obtain all (EC) relationship for an element at once?


    this my question focuses to API usage and best practices:

    Is there a simple (or not simple, but recommended) way how to obtain an information whether any relationship exists from/to the element or the list of these relationships (e.g. as IList<IECRelationshipClass…

  • [MSCE C++]创建动态的textblock,使其内容和某一元素的参数相关联


  • [MSCE U14 C++, C#] DgnEC Instance and Relationship Change Events


    With Microstation CE U14, we are introducing a way to listen to DgnEC instance and relationship change events at both Native DgnPlatform and Managed DgnPlatformNet layers w.r.t. the following interfaces: Bentley::DgnPlatform::IDgnECChangeListener…


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  • To Add Custom Description in a Field to Populate in OpenPlant Modeler

      Applies To 
      Product(s): OpenPlant Modeler
      Version(s): 08.11.09.XXX
      Environment:  Windows 7 (64 bit)
      Area:  OpenPlant Specification Generator
      Subarea:  Custom Description
      Original Author: Rahul Kumar, Bentley Product…