• Add new materials to a palette

    How do you add new materials to a palette? I have some jpg's that I would like to add for woods and some for plastic laminates

    Can someone please post a step by step process

    Thank you

  • Alternate keyin for Selview

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    Original Tip Date: Feb 18, 2005

    Alternate keyin for selview
    Tired of using the keyin selview [view] in your scripts?
    If so, use point absolute instead.
    This one uses the "active view" and therefore eliminates the need to keyin a…
  • Attach references on a level and add value to saved views

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    Original Tip Date: Nov 13, 2006

    Attach references on a level and add value to saved views!
    In MicroStation V8 XM Edition, you can place the reference attachment information on a level. This can be particularly valuable when working with…
  • Auto-save design history

    Can there be an auto- save setting for Design history.

    You set how often you want to save. Lets say every 15 minutes.

    Microstation determines if any changes were made in that time and then commits the changes and then fills in the description with a…

  • Bump the tool settings with AccuDraw

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    Original Article Date: March 2007

    Updated:  December 2010 

    Contributed by Hilton Quinn, here’s a great tutorial discussing the AccuDraw Bump Toolsetting keyins to boost your productivity.

    As you may know, you can use the AccuDraw shortcut…

  • Change all models annotation scale at once

    How can I change all the models in a file to the same annotation scale at one time?

    Better yet I would like to be able to select certain models in the model dialog and choose the desired scale.

    Is there a way to achieve this or do I need to file a CR…

  • Changing Multi-line Cap Mode To Active with Key-in

    It seems the default setting for cap mode in the "Multi-line Partial Delete" command is "None". I am looking for a key-in that will change the capmode to "Active". Any ideas?

  • Communities FAQ

    Last updated: January 1, 2015

    What can I do if I have forgotten my username or password.
    What if I have registered but still cannot sign in?
    I have signed in to Communities before, but now cannot sign in
    I already logged in, why do I get logged off automatically…

  • CR-Rotate View by Points options

    I use Rotate View by Points fairly frequently.  However, in a 3D file, most of the time all I want to do is rotate the view on the view's Z axis - basically the same as the command is used in a 2D file.  Far too often, I need to be working with the…

  • Delete clip to all reference attached

    Is there a way to delete all clips or masks of all reference files attached?

    I know its a weird request. Here is why I ask I use a file that has multiple reference files. The next job is the same but a different plan.dgn

    I go through and change  the…

  • Editing text in a DGN drawing MicroStation crashes and closes.

      Product: MicroStation
      Environment: N\A
      Area: Annotations
      Subarea: N\A

    Error or Warning Message

    On editing text in a DGN drawing, MicroStation freezes, crashes and closes.

    It happens on all text when using…

  • Fit the view to the fence

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    Original Tip Date: Oct 22, 2004

    Fit the view to the fence
    Oh, this is cool! With thanks to Gerald Hernandez for posting this tip on the v8.general discussion group.

    To fit the view and adjust the window to a fence, use the keyin fit …
  • Keyin to maximize and fit a view

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    Original Tip Date: Jan. 14, 2004

    Keyin to maximize and fit a view
    Larry Whitt recieved a pass from the hall monitor to share this on the newsgroups:

    To automatically maximize a single view and fit it's contents, use this keyin:

  • Line to Multi-Line

    Is there a way to convert a line to a Multi-line? I have a style set up, and would like to apply it to several hundred lines.  Thanks.
  • My MicroStation Configuration Variables Favorites

    !Warning - before changing config variables contact your admin!
    MicroStation Administrator Training is recommended to understand the hazards - You have been warned









    KeyIn for all available MicroStation Configuration Variables

    Two textfiles…


    In Xm I saved some favorite characters in the word processor.

    It looks like the file is "favoritessymbols.xml"

    How do I get Vi to point to this file so I don't have to recreate it.

    Or how do I import it?

  • RefRename.mvba

    I'd like to start an open source project on codeplex and develop the  "RefRename.mvba" into a robust solution. There are a number of wrinkles to iron out with this idea, first and foremost is the ownership of the code and if Bentley would allow it…

  • SS3 crash and can't re-install - error when loading MS

    I corrupted  microstation somehow fooling with customizing menus.

    I believe I had an netframework error. Anyway I uninstalled Micorstation and reinstalled it and I get the same error when starting up MS ss3

  • WOW! 3d section view

    I love the new section tool. It would like to get it so if I cut through a cabinet and I can see all the different materials that would display if you cut  a real cabinet.

    For example

    The exterior may have a wood veneer but the cabinet is a…

  • Zoom to selected elements

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    Original Tip Date: October  2004

    Updated:  November 2011 - Tested and confirmed to work in MicroStation V8i SS2

    Zoom to selected elements  

    This keyin script was posted to v8.general by Truels Wissneth and allows you to zoom in on elements that are…