• [CONNECT C++] App. not unloading - prevents build

    I've recently come across a problem that I've not encountered previously.  During development, it's commonplace to build an app., load into MicroStation, perform some tests, unload the app. and make some changes.

    I unload my app. (*.ma + *…

  • [CONNECT C++] Cannot get mdlDialog_buttonGroupInsSubItem() to work

    When I attempt to insert a button into a ButtonGroup using mdlDialog_buttonGroupInsSubItem(), MicroStation crashes. I can use mdlDialog_buttonGrouGetSubInfo(), mdlDialog_buttonGroupSetSubInfo(),  and mdlDialog_buttonGroupDeleteItem() just fine. My ButtonGroup…

  • [CONNECT MicroStationAPI] class AnnotationCellHeaderHandler required but is not published

    Header file \DgnPlatform\LabelHandler.h declares class LabelCellHeaderHandler...

    struct           LabelCellHeaderHandler : AnnotationCellHeaderHandler {};

    Unfortunately, base class AnnotationCellHeaderHandler does not exist in any published header file…

  • [Connect upd11 API] FPoint3d problem


    I use VS 2015, windows 7 and Connect update 11

    I think there is a small problem with FPoint3d

    Compiler is complaining "Error C2036 'Bentley::_fPoint3d *': unknown size"

    As far as I can see,    #include "fpoint3d.h" is…

  • Bentley View CE

    We the user base demand that Bentley release and continue to release Bentley View.  

    It is a very powerful tool.  In some cases the users will make this their default application for DGN & DWG.  Senior managers are encouraged to use it, so they do not…

  • Configuration Blogs TOC

    There are numerous blogs containing wealth of information on Configuration in CONNECT Edition. However, as we write new blogs, the old ones get buried down in the list, making it difficult to get to the desired blogs. Also, some blogs are written by colleagues…

  • Daten in einer Zeichnung mit VBA suchen und auswerten, Teil 1 - Vorbereitung



    Es besteht oft die Anforderung, dass in Zeichnungen bestimmte Informationen gesucht werden müssen und diese Daten auch in andere Systeme übertragen werden sollen.
    Man kann hier eine Reihe von Beipiele nennen wie das Auslesen von Geometriedaten…

  • MicroStation hangs on startup after Windows 10 Update (Spring Creator) has been installed

      Product(s): MicroStation Connect, and all Power Platform Products
      Version(s): CONNECT Edition Versions
      Environment: Windows 10, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Finnish, English
      Area: Configuration
      Subarea: General


  • MicroStationSDK Update12 - VS2017 Professional

    I am trying to build the examples in MicroStationSDK Update 12 and receive the following error:

    Cannot find the .Net tools location for this toolset.  VS2017_DotNetToolsDir was not defined, and registry lookup failed.

    I have verified that VS2017 has the…

  • Solids Working Area (or SWA)

    Quite a bit has been said about the subject... some of it being true, some of it not being so true. To help "clear the air" about it...

    The best practice for solids modeling in MicroStation is to keep it simple. If you consider a 3D model in…