• RE: Import Corridor Key Station

    Hi Kenneth,

    I've just posted it here in case anyone else needs it. Just rename BulkKeyStnImport.txt to .bas and the clsSelect.txt to .cls and import them into a mvba project.


    How it works:

    • Create a text file with the key stations you want on each…
  • ORD Feature Definition Hierarchy

    Here is a handy diagram I created to illustrate to myself some of the relationships in the OpenRoads Designer Feature Definition setup:

  • RE: VERY SERIOUS BUG! - Template library corrupt after editing materials (Visualisation) - ORD 2019 R2 U7 (

    Hi, I do not think that Bentley will fix it... It is just neccssary to keep this trouble in mind. It is also connected with alternate surface creation problem. if you will produce template with Win settings "," you will not be able to generate Alternate…

  • RE: Corrupted ITL (flat)

    Did this occur after an update to your OpenRoads Designer version?  We had a similar issue a few versions ago with a particular user where their machine was a non-English environment (Regional settings) and I think it could have been related to the decimal…

  • XSL Report format change in ORD

    Hi all,

    Upon adding my SS4 OpenRoads reports into ORD I have realised there has been an XSL format change. Nothing major, but enough to require editing of all pre-existing report XSLs to work with ORD.

    This includes an understandable replacement of…

  • RE: [ORD 2018R4] Most Efficient Way to Annotate Same Civil Feature Multiple Ways

    There is this enhancement request in the backlog: Enhancement 807875:[Annotation] Override Annotation Groups Assigned to Feature Definitions

    I've added that more users are asking for it.