• RE: Divide a curve

    I should also mention, the bsplineCurve > SplitAtPoint also works where the CurveToSplit input is a Curve. The input doesn't have to be a bsplineCurve

  • RE: Divide a curve

    As Stuart mentioned you can use the BSplineCurve.SplitAtPoint technique, just make sure you set your "Order" to 2 if you want to retain the original curve geometry

  • RE: Divide a curve

    Hi Junqing

    SplitAtPoint should give you a list of sub-curves. 




  • RE: No elements of appropriate type within range

    I have found the element from a Civil application can 1 of 3 types, and it can take trial and error to discover which one. It can be a Polyline, a B-Spline, or Curve. Recently I discovered a 4th type which is not recognizable from one of the standard…

  • OBD doesn't have Computational Design


    I want to install GC, and my OBD version is  From the post by  , it's supposed to be an intergrated feature, but I can't find it anywhere