• BOQ Probelm

    Hi I created a project on Bentley Substation before that I created a Part Database, Accessories kit, Catalogue  and all Symbols are in dgn format but i tried so many time to extraction BOQ is not coming and one more think How to render on model I mean in…

  • Hidden lines in 2D views

    I have used MicroStation V8i SelectSeries1 and earlier versions before today. Today I have started using SS3 and I'm having some trouble.

    I create most of my work as 3D models and produce 2D fabrication drawings as my output.

    I use Attach Reference…

  • How to get ECW raster format available from the Default File Type set to: Common Raster Formats

      Applies To 
      Product(s): MicroStation
      Environment:  N/A
      Area:  Raster
      Original Author: Maria Munoz, Bentley Technical Support Group










    Attaching new Ra…

  • Named clip volumes and their association with saved views

                    Clip volumes are used to limit the displayed volume for a view in order to work within a limited context of model without being hindered by geometry that is not of interest.

                    Named fences can be used to save and invoke a specific volume of model in future…

  • RE: What is the best way to create a custom cell library?

    Jeff Getch,

    I assume you are just migrating Cells from multiple (larger) cell libraries into a single smaller Cell Library. As mentioned before, Cell Libraries are just DGN files. Cells are just models. So open the Cell Library, which you want to import…