• A frontier in visual communication

    Visual media. Let’s talk about it.  In the design and construction professions we are familiar with the visual media commonly used: drawings and models. Of course we also understand that visual media extend beyond architecture, engineering, and construction…

  • Augmented reality for subsurface utilities : further improving perception

    Augmented reality (AR) extends the user’s perception of the physical world with virtual data.  However, this extension improves perception only if the virtual data is displayed in a visually clear and meaningful way.  We studied that problem last…

  • Civil Geometry

    Has there been any help tutorials or videos created on how to use this new product.  I have experimented with it a little bit and seen some demonstrations at conferences.  The help menu has a few items but not a lot on the instructional part.


  • Distributed rendering - overview

    Dear All,

    I havent used the distributed rendering tools in Microstation to date and am looking for a comprehensive overview and 'howto'.

    The key things I am scratching my head over at present are:
    -Does MS_SHARED_DR_DIR get used by the 'begin…

  • Point Cloud Presentation setup in DGNLIB not working.


    Today I finally got around to setting up dgnlib with our common point cloud presentation settings. So we don't need to set it up for each file.
    But does not work.

    Was it not intended for presentation styles to be configurable in DGNLIBS?


  • Shared Workspace


    My office is currently running V8 2004 (both MicroStation and Powerdraft) and has a shared workspace drive for Architects & Electrical/Mechanical/Civil Engineers. The existing shared workspace is in quite a mess with lots of unused UCF's and…