• CivilStorm peak flow for multiple catchments (hydrology)


    I'm trying to set up a simple network of my basins and outfalls. My end goal is to see what the basins are putting out for flow for different storm events.

    There is no pond.

    In one instance I have three basins flowing to the same outfall. I can…

  • GEOPAK - Cross Section Sheets

    Is there a way to have the order of the cross sections progress from top to bottom on the cross section sheets?  This would help landscape-oriented cross section sheets flow better from one sheet to the next.

    Josh Mauritz
    MS v8i SS2 (v08.11.07.443)


    Now that MicroStation v8i SS2 has been released, will GEOPAK SS2 be far behind?  Or, better yet, is GEOPAK SS1 certified to run on MicroStation SS2 (v08.11.07.443)?


  • Migrating to MicroStation CONNECT Edition

    Considering Migrating to MicroStation CONNECT Edition?

    There is a lot to consider. MicroStation CONNECT Edition is a little different than any previous version of MicroStation. There is a lot more functionality for the CAD Manager to take advantage of in this…

  • Setting Up Workspaces, Users and Projects on a Server


    I am looking to change the way my company runs our MicroStation files by putting everything on our server.  I can get my system to look at the server, but don't know how to get everything else setup like workspaces, users and projects.  I would like…

  • SS4/SS3 Subsurface Utilities Video Clips, TechNotes & FAQs

    These resources are primarily for the V8i SELECTseries 3 and 4 versions of the Bentley Civil products. If you are using OpenRoads Designer, OpenRail Designer, or OpenSite Designer, please use this link: