• [ORD 2020 R3] DGNLIBS - Can a current version DGNLIB be used with Earlier Versions?

    Can I edit a DGNLIB in the subject version (2020 R3), that is on our networked workspace and will my users who are still running an earlier version be able to access the Feature Definitions and other library items from within their sessions?

  • [ORD 2020R3] Was There a Configuration Change With This Release?

    After updating my ORD, my Configuration is screwed up.

    1. If the Prefered method of setting up a custom configuration is editing C:\ProgramData\Bentley\OpenRoads Designer CE\Configuration\WorkSpaceSetup.cfg, why does an update overwrite this file?
    2. When I…
  • [ORD 2021 R1] Downgrade Civil Model?

    I was reading the "what's new" document for ORD 2021 R1 and I saw this:

    • Removed the Downgrade Civil Model tool from Technical Preview.
    • Integrated the Downgrade Civil Model tool with ProjectWise.

    What does this mean? Is this tool still…

  • Can anyone share the Open Roads Designer Onboarding Guide Document?


    Can anyone share the onboarding guide of Open Roads Designer.

  • Can we have Reports in PW added to the Locally Found "Default" Reports that display in the Report Browser?

    Is setting up our PW Workspace, we have not kept up with a number of enhancements that have come along since our original AMP sessions. One area that appears to have been improved upon is the XML Reports.

    Can we define CIVIL_REPORTS_RESOURCES within PW…

  • How to synchronise the standards from the libraries

         Product(s): OpenRoads Designer Connect Edition
    Version(s): 10.08+
    Area: Project Explorer


    How to synchronise the different standards I have in my existing dgn files when the libraries have been modified?


    Since the release…

  • Is there a WorkSet variable so only specific versions of ORD can open project files?

    Being that we can now have multiple versions of ORD installed and many of us are working on different projects with different versions of software, is there a way to set a config file to check if the user is opening the file with the correct software, and…

  • Last Mile Utilities - Set of utilities for OpenRoads & OpenRail Designer

    Last Mile Utilities MDL Application - Set of utilities for OpenRoads & OpenRail Designer



    OpenRoads & OpenRail Designer










    LastMileUtilties v2.0



    What are…

  • Migration Utilities

    Product(s): OpenRoads Designer
    Version(s): See below:
    Area:  Workspace
    Version:  10.08.xx.xx and 10.09.xx.xx

    Migration Utilities - 2020 R3 (10.09.00.xx)

    The following link contains the download for the Migration Utility tools. 

    (Note: These tools…

  • Mobile Workstation / Laptop Specs

    Hi All,

    I'm looking to get a new mobile workstation and wondering what everyone thinks of the specs below.

    I mainly use OpenRoads and use fairly large point cloud data along with a bit of LumenRT work. 

    Any advice or tips on the best specs to get would…

  • NVIDIA Graphics Display Issues in ORD

    A couple of our users are having issues with the icons on the ORD ribbon not displaying. You have to go over them with the mouse to see them. See screen capture below.

    We both have Alienware X15 R1 laptops, 11th Gen Intel Core i-7-11800H @ 2.30 GHz, 32GB…

  • OpenRoads SignCAD - 2020 Release 2

    Trusted by US DOTs, OpenRoads SignCAD is the premiere traffic sign design software, enabling users to quickly and accurately develop panels, route markers, arrows, text, graphics and layouts in adherence to current federal and state standards. Our 2020…

  • ORD - Change Workspace Working Units?


    With the upcoming deprecation of the U.S. Survey Foot, I am thinking this is a question that may be asked quite a few times. But I actually have need to ask it now. 

    My question is: I have an ORD Workspace in Survey Feet. I want to convert it…

  • Video: Annotating Superelevation and Horizontal Diagrams in Profile

    Product(s): OpenRoads Designer
    Version(s): 10.09+
    Area:  Drawing Production
    Created By:  Dan Ahern, Senior Product Manager, Bentley Systems

    This video demonstrates how to add superelevation diagrams and horizontal alignment diagrams to profile…

  • Video: How to Display Bing Map Imagery in OpenRoads Designer

    Product(s): OpenRoads Designer Connect Edition
    Version(s): 10.02.00+
    Area:  Model Detailing

    This video demonstrates how to display Bing map imagery in the background view of your dgn. 

    There are 3 requirements necessary to display the Bing background…