• Communities Secure File Upload

    To assist in our efforts to provide premium-level support to users of our products through Bentley Communities, we have put in place an efficient and secure way for you to provide Bentley files that will help solve issues you are having. The steps to do…

  • Create a custom line style - A tutorial

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    Original Post Date: February 2001 

    Updated:  July 2011

    This tutorial will walk you through the steps to create a simple custom line style of a geological fault line. If you've dabbled with creating your own custom line styles and found it to be a frustrating…

  • Drive MicroStation from a webpage using UstnForm protocol

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    Original Article Date: March 2004

    Updated:  December 2010

    Another component of Engineering Links (E-Links) is something called the UstnForm protocol. This specialized keyin allows web-page developers to extend the functionality of the FORM HTML-Tag…

  • How can I place non-annotative text?

    How can I place text in MicroStation that is using the Annotation scale to calculate the text size but have the text remain non-annotative?

    Or, how can I change text from annotative to non annotative and still retain its text size?

  • InRoads Product Tutorials

    Product(s): InRoads
    Version(s): 08.05+
    Area:  General
    Original Author: Bentley Technical Support Group


    Below is a list of available tutorials for various products and versions of the InRoads products:

    Version 8.5

    The tutorials for the V8…

  • InRoads V8i Project Defaults - no commas in path?

    Just want to verify that the paths selected in Project Defaults cannot contain commas? When I try to load the rwk file I get an error that will tell me "File not found....."  for every entity I have saved in the project. The file not found…

  • Jump on 0-5-10 mm


    Can someone tell me if there is a global setting that let dimensions  jump on 0-5-10mm.

    I‘m trying to change dimensions from such as 3256mm to 3255mm /4559mm to 4560mm without doing it manually.


  • level priority and sheetmodels

    Hi, I have a question about level priority.

    I have a Design Model with some filled elements on different levels and a Sheet Model. I have made a Saved View in the Design Model and attached and scaled that saved view as reference to my Sheet model. Here…

  • MicroStation V8i Variables

      Product: MicroStation
      Version: V8i
      Environment: N\A
      Area: Administration
      Subarea: N\A


    This technical document provides a description of published configuration variables in MicroStation V8i. MicroStation contains various…

  • New Variables

      Applies To 
      Product(s): MicroStation
      Version(s): V8 XM Edition
      Environment:  N/A
      Area:  N/A
      Subarea:  N/A
      Original Author: Bentley Technical Support Group
  • OpenRoads SS4 Special Interest Group (SIG) FAQs

    OpenRoads Special Interest Group (SIG)
    Frequently Asked Questions
    This WIKI article will contain various questions/answers and issues raised during the monthly Special Interest Group meetings.

    SIGN UP for Future OpenRoads SIG Meetings


  • Paper Sizes in a Windows Printer Driver Configuration File

    One of the most common, perhaps the most common, complaint about printing to a Windows printer driver from MicroStation is the lack of control over paper sizes.  Whereas a Bentley printer driver allows you to define as many paper sizes as you need, and…
  • Reference Sequence in V8i

    Ladies and Gents,

    Just after a little feedback. 

    Is there anyone group here using Display Styles to roll back the use of V8 style Update Sequence for referencing 3D models? Personally, never had a group who have not wanted to move forward with this and…

  • Rename Replace Redirrect or Substitute Reference Files in MicroStation

    Hi All!

    I am looking for a way to Batch Process substituting/replacing one reference file attachment for a different file. It would be similar to double clicking the Reference and Browsing to a new file. Havent been able to find any key-in for this action…


    At the 2012 BE Conference, five SELECTseries 3 workshops were given.  During the beta forum, we had them posted.  Now they are once again available, this time in the Learn community.

    Best of all, they are FREE!

    You will need to log into Bentley LEARN…

  • SS10/SS4/SS3 OpenRoads

    The following TechNotes, FAQs, and Support Video clips are provided as a reference by Bentley's Technical Support Group. They encompass Bentley products using OpenRoads Technology.

  • Tutorial: Including the Date in Print Output File Names

    (This topic applies to MicroStation 8.11 and later.)

    In this article I am going to present a step-by-step approach to including the current date (in the format dd-MM-yy) as a prefix in print output file names produced by both Print Organizer and…