• RE: Unable to install Synchro PRO 6.2.2.

    Hi Nikita, Please try doing the following - Uninstall all versions of SYNCHRO. Clean the registry using 3rd party tools like CCleaner - https://www.ccleaner.com/ First, reinstall v6.2.2.0 Reinstall v6.2.1.2 If the above doesn't work, please…
  • RE: Unable to install Synchro PRO 6.2.2.

    Nikita, If the steps suggested by Arpit do not work, you could try this: Run the attached .exe. It will prompt you for which application you are having trouble installing. You can enter 2 for Synchro Pro. At the end of the script, you may notice an…
  • RE: can't open a SYNCHRO Control project in SYNCHRO 4D Pro

    Hi Dmytro, The steps are perfectly correct. I just saw the same issue being solved by the following: We have sorted out the issue: it is the VPN connection. for some reason the secure authentication fails when I am behind my company VPN. Working…
  • RE: 3D object window

    Hi Toe, You may have closed accidentally the 3D Objects Window, but you can open it again if you go to Windows ribbon -> 3D Objects button: Best regards, Alex B
  • Scenario capabilities in Synchro

    Does synchro allow for multiple 3D paths for activities in a single path? e.g. We want to add two different scenarios for a crane path in a single project file. Can Synchro do that?