• BIM Information in LumenRT

    Hi all,

    Does anyone know where I can find any information regarding using the BIM Information functionality of LumenRT?

    I have looked at the Bentley LEARN videos and online and can't find anything at all.



  • Communities Secure File Upload

    To assist in our efforts to provide premium-level support to users of our products through Bentley Communities, we have put in place an efficient and secure way for you to provide Bentley files that will help solve issues you are having. The steps to do…

  • DWG FILES asking to save, then throw away settings

    Good day,
    I have a question in connection with dwg files, in our line of work we work a lot with dwg files from our clients, and the problem that I have is, as I'm working on this file it asks me to save every so often. Even though my settings are set…

  • Global Origin settings not retained

    I have an issue with the use of the Global Origin.

    The steps involved are as follows:

    1.     Created a new file using the seed file.

    2.     Checked the global origin using the command go=? .The global origin is the same as in the seed file.

    3.     Draw an object…

  • Procedure for converting a master file (with references) to a single merged DWG file.

      Product: MicroStation
      Environment: N\A
      Area: DWG
      Subarea: Save

    Problem Description

    Issue converting a master file (with references) to a single merged DWG file. Microstation SS2 freezes and has to be closed…