• CE - Sheet index sheet name (tag/field)


    is there a way to read the existing sheet name and apply it to the sheet index.  A lot of clients if not all, use either a TAG or a text Field to populate their sheet name.  This can either be automated via the DGN name or manually edited via a TAG…

  • Composing Drawings Blog Series - Introduction

    Drawing Composition, in general, is all about creating and composing drawings from your design. In MicroStation, drawing composition can be achieved efficiently and easily using Dynamic Views. Dynamic Views is a general term that encompasses several related…

  • PC Studio FAQ

      Applies To 
      Product(s): PC Studio
      Version(s): V8i
      Environment:  N/A
      Area:  N/A
      Subarea:  N/A
      Original Author: Bentley Technical Support Group

    Is there any way to get PC Studio to use metric units instead…

  • Sheet Index / Items


    I want to be able to edit title block data in sheet files without having to open the files.
    I have tried CONNECTs new "Sheet index" feature and it does exactly what I'm looking for.

    But...with sheet index only simple string items can…