• RE: Washed out appearance

    Just a few things I routinely do with each new LRT export;

    • reduce vignetting from 50% to 15% (the 50% default is way too high)
    • reduce Hazy to Clear
    • reduce Bloom from 50% to 0%
    • Exposure +0.1
    • Color WB from 5000 to 5500 (the default is too cold and needs…
  • Rendering with VUE in MicroStation

    I have created a document that could be helpful for those of you trying out the new VUE Rendering engine that is a technical preview in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 15. This document covers PBR materials and a few other hidden goodies.

    Hope this…

  • RE: Updateing reference levels sheetmodels

    Hello Mark,

    You could also try the following Key-in with a batch process: reference synchronize levels all *.*