• Anyone using AMD APU processors???????

    Checking to see if anyone has experience using Microstation with AMD APU processors. The AMD APU is a CPU/GPU in one. They also seem to have DirectX 11 for the graphics. I am interested to know if the processor works well and how the graphics work…
  • BAD thing 1 in ABD - select find things behind walls

    http://screencast.com/t/PptbGQrVdJ5c In this video I tried to drag-select the stair. But the snap finds the volume behind the wall. It is not visible - select shouldn't find it. As far as I understand this is not a BUG, it is WAD…
  • BB_FloorMaster.dgnlib / A-FLOR

    The level of the building floors in file BB_FloorMaster.dgnlib is A-FLOR. Any idea how this can be changed? Simply renaming the level is not allowed, AECOSim blocks it.
  • CR for View Set > rest of elements

    With View set you can single out a element in a view. Would it be possible with an option to display the non-selected elements transparent, so one can see how the selected elements relate to the rest. As it can be done in some i.pdfs
  • DataGroup orgnanisation

    Hi all If BB_CATALOGORGDIR is the variable that points to the folder where the Hierarchy files are stored, how are the individual files loaded? And which ones control which tools...? Also, how do you load the Catalog Organization dialog box? It…
  • DataGroups: Defining Compound or Parametric Cells

    I'm trying to create multiple DataGroups within MicroStation and have run into a problem where the videos and tutorials I have been using recommend that I use the "ParaDef.xsd" file in the definitions however i do not have this file in my DataSet. Does…
  • ecotect link advice sought

    I've been playing around with the ecotect link, and it's been a medium sized success. I've managed to get my data to ecotect, and it does an analysis, but there are a load of things that don't quite match up. I have a feeling that I'm using the first…
  • Element appearance and Datagroup

    Can I color elements based on datagroup when creating drawings. I would like to color walls based on fire rating. How is this accomplished?
  • Flip Dynamic View orientation

    How Do I flop the Green arrow?
  • Hidden lines in 2D views

    I have used MicroStation V8i SelectSeries1 and earlier versions before today. Today I have started using SS3 and I'm having some trouble. I create most of my work as 3D models and produce 2D fabrication drawings as my output. I use Attach Reference…
  • How to mesure the area and perimeter in Sheet

    Hi, Does anybody have an ideer or solution to measur the Geometry of area and perimeter in an scaled sheet? If I use the dimension in a scaled sheet that works, but not if I use this for an room head. The tool 'create space" don't work in the…
  • Keynote tools for Uniclass spec.

    Currently in the Dataset_GB, "keynote" folder includes 2 masterspec related .spc files.... Just wonderin if the Uniclass equivalent is available somewhere... And if not what would be the process to create Uniclass.spc file.
  • Merging reference files changes level display setting

    Hi all, Can some one please help. I have a drawing with about 10 references attached to it, I need to send this file to client so I decided to merge all references in to master file. After merging the resultant file change the level display settings…
  • Modify door in Bentley Architecture

    Hi guys, One of our users on BA would like to know how to modify a door (Not using cells or compound cells) I know they are stored in door cells PAZ and BXF, how can we modify the contents of such cells? (ie door swings etc) TIA
  • Networking the workspace

    We have just recently finished a very thorough and long Service Request, whose consequence was that our whole network setup for Microstation was changed. Especially I would like to thank Gundula Wolpers who did not stop digging in that issue. Until…
  • Parametric Content Modeler..... ?

    This popped up on Youtube. Slightly concerned.... it looks like a re-incarnated PCS. 1. No spline profiles.... like PCS 2. No arrays ? 3. No real handles. The inserted 'xray screen' was still being manipulated via PCS style dimensions. 4. No booleans…
  • Saving settings

    I've just started using Microstation and I have a small problem with saving the settings I've done. When I opened my first project I started the proccess of changing the settings to how I would like to have them, using millimeters, no decimals etc…
  • Triforma vs Structural

    I am looking for words of wisdom in building a new group of parts and families. Any good guidance on when making a part Triforma or Structural????
  • v8i - section and editable volumne not visible

    I cut a section Could see and moved handels of the "edit clip volume box" rotated view and the box disappeared from all view. Now I CANNOT get that box back I create a new plan or section and the cut is arbitarily made but…
  • Word Processor not working

    I am trying to edit text in Microstaiton V8, on a XP format. The text editor lets me use it with the dialog box, but when i try to edit text with the word processor, it looks up. Does anyone have an idea how to fix this issue?