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  • Cell used as point not reacting to Active Scale properly

    I ran across this ditty using v08.11.07.180 (Ss1) on Windows 7

    I use the same cell from the same location. When placed as a Cell it reacts to scale (AS=) properly, increasing with increasing scale. When placed as the assigned cell placing it with the…

  • Issues placing perp line from arc

    Here is the situation. I have an arc, I have placed a cell along the arc using the "Construct Active Pnt@Dist Along Element". I then try to construct a line perp. to that arc at the point placed along the line. It seems to be placing the perp. line…

  • keyin for selecting ALL elements of a specific color

    I am trying to setup a batch process.  I have a large number of files in which I would like to change the assigned level of a number of elements.  Currently all the elements are on a single level and set to color 99.  I have tried to use the keyins for "Select…

  • Luxology Material Palettes (non-dgnlib) for Building Apps

    The building applications support Luxology rendering, however the family and part systems does not yet support the changes made to the material palette management that encapsulates the material palettes in a dgnlib. Since some of the material preset and…

  • Maximum length of MS_DEF and MS_RFDIR

    I looked around and I could not find any official documents on the maximum length of the configuration variables:

    MS_DEF - Search path(s) for DGN files.

    MS_RFDIR - Search path(s) for references.

    In the old Bentley discussion groups (http://tinyurl…

  • Pentable Text Replacement

    Is there a way to substitute text that is part of a paragraph - without making it its own element?

    For example, if I had:

    "See sheets $xx101$ for details"

    As far as I know, I need two elements for the pentable to recognize this:

    "See sh…

  • Save Settings and User Preferences

                    Have you come across situations where MicroStation doesn't seem to remember what area of the model you were working on last time or what active color you used last time, while it does save the elements you created or modified?

                    The fact is…