• RE: Existing Cross Slope Report Issues

    So the solution was using the templates in the "End Condition Components" subfolder, instead of the "project to surface" subfolder. I used point controls to control their horizontal offset from the baseline and the report matched what the temp dimensions…

  • Project Stationing

    Is there a way to project from one civil element to another.  For example.  My PGL will be based on the CL stationing.  Is there a way to project the CL stationing on to the PGL stationing? 

  • RE: Store a chain with a shift.

    you cannot do it with store graphics. you need to do it with a cogo input file. here is a sample:

    STO POI 1356 N 1527703.4741982406 E 526762.8177342629 STA 531168.5561242438

    STO POI 1357 N 1527688.8512110272 E 526759.4758418407 STA 531168.5561242438