• ABD to Revit

    Our primary client is in the process of deciding to switch Revit.  This client accounts for about 90% of our workload so obviously this concerns us greatly.  We definitely do not want to switch from using ABD to Revit.  It's far too costly and we have been…

  • AecoSim BD - Floor manager



    Is it possible to constrain the vertical heights of a 3d model to that of the floor heights as specified by the Floor manager.  Thus, if the floor heights with in Floor manager change the associated floors move to suit.


  • AECOsim Building Designer - QuickConfig Standard

    QuickConfig Standard deploys a simple AECOsim Building Designer SS5 network configuration for immediate use or as a template for testing and/or further customisation.

    In brief run the:

    • first batch file to set up the workspace and a test project
  • Attempt to render glowing light strip at night time

     I am exploring night time rendering, and trying to put a 'glowing' light strip at the ground level a building to give it a 'floating' effect.

    I have turned off all solar + skylights + ambient + flash in light setup.

    Then I made a rentangular…

  • Bentley Architecture vs Revit vs Archicad


    I am a long time MicroStation user currently reviewing a number of the leading BIM platforms out there - namely Bentley Architecture, Revit, & Archicad.

    Now I am not a 'die-hard' Bentley fan and so my remit is to simply try and evaluate each…

  • Cached DV Updates

    Is it possible to batch update cached visible edges references?

  • Configuring AECOsim Building Designer V8i - Index to posts

    Note added 11 August 2018.

    For advice regarding CONNECT Edition, please see CONNECT Edition - Configuration : Customization Guides.

    Updated 11 August 2014.

    For convenience here is a list of my posts about configuring AECOsim Building Designer V8i:

  • Constraints, Relationships, and Parameters

    My last few posts have mostly just offered my opinion. This time, I’m really hoping to get responses from you, the reader!
    One of the hot topics when we talk about BIM  is “parametric design.” I hear people talk about constraints and relationships…

    Coming to grips with the DV annotation styles, this is my current understanding of this and I am looking for feedback to know if I'm on the right track...

    Not sure if the defaulting to the active Dataset's dgnlib is a bug or a faulty setup...Overall…

  • Dynamic Views: Organizational Methodologies

    Note:  This post is more about:

    1.  The organization ascpects of creating a drawing set from a 3D BIM and less to do with what buttons to push to get a view.

    2.  Generating as much information (drawing sheets) from ONE source vs. multiple pieces…

  • How to disable Customizations loading from DGNLIB

      Applies To 
      Product(s): MicroStation
      Environment:  N\A
      Area:  Configuration
      Subarea:  Workspaces
      Original Author: Bentley Technical Support Group


    How to disable Customizations…

  • Hypermodeling - Instructions for Use

    simple instructions:

    1. place a callout symbol on a drawing document or in a 3D model.  Name the callout, in the subsequent dialog box.

    2. Drag and drop the named callout from the project explorer list onto a drawing document to express the drawing …

  • IFC


    Executive Overview

    IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) are a vendor-neutral data repository for building information models (BIM) including both geometry and properties of ‘intelligent' building objects and their relationships, thus facilitating the sharing…

  • Luxology limits

    The Luxology-rendering of large interiors with an according amount of lights is a little frustrating to me.

    The final rendering took 50h 50m.

    Even on the Modo-gallery I can´t discover similar interiors.

  • Network Databasing

    Hello, I'm looking for some answers, I've been searching this site and others for hours and cant seem to find any clarification. my Dad's Custom Home company is trying to switch from Microstation v8i to Architecture v8i and I'm working out…

  • Revit Family Import

    Loren Cook Fan Company provides Revit Families of all of their fans use with Revit MEP 2009. I have a couple of questions regarding this.

    1. How can I open these files Microstation or a Bentley Building Product?

    2. If I can't open these files…