• Anpassung SELECT Vertrag (Open Access / Basic Access)

    Hallo sisNET-Gemeinde,

    habt Ihr diesen "netten" Text (siehe blauer Text weiter unten) auch bekommen? Ich bin sprachlos und wütend zugleich. Hat die Vertragsänderung / -anpassung von Euch schon jemand rechtlich prüfen lassen?

  • Good tutorials for visualisation?

    Hi again,
    Still looking around and I was wondering if any of you can give me some good tips for learning to work with the new visualisation engine in microstation/navigator. Next to all the good tips and tricks on the forum are there some books that…

  • MicroStation V8i Variables

      Product: MicroStation
      Version: V8i
      Environment: N\A
      Area: Administration
      Subarea: N\A


    This technical document provides a description of published configuration variables in MicroStation V8i. MicroStation contains various…

  • RE: [V8i C++] MstnElementSetTool and OnElementModifyClip() implmentation

    Maybe try removing your override of OnPostInstall and just add the following instead:

    virtual UsesFence AllowFence () override {return USES_FENCE_Required;}

    Not sure why calling SetElemSource where you did in OnPostInstall wouldn't work...but it's not…
  • Tricks of the Trade Volume Lighting


    Volume Lighting

    Volume lighting depending on the number of lights and the complexity of the scene, can be very compute intensive and require longer render times. To help you avoid some frustration when working with volume effects, I am writing this…

  • V8i VBA - I Want My Very Own PropertyHandler!

    This has bugged me for a while.  I'd really really like to create my own category of properties to associate with elements.  Way easier for users to query than tags, and something that Navigator can display in clash results.  I've been able to successfully…