• Barry Bentley

    Cofounder of Bentley Systems;  MicroStation Developer since inception. I hold a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from the University of Delaware and an M.S. and Ph.D. in chemical engineering from the California Institute of Technology.

  • Bear

    Sean 'Bear' Forward

    Structural Designer

    Engineering Systems Co-Ordinator\Manager

    3D Modeller and Plant Visualization Specialist

    Summary of Experience

    I’ve recently moved back into the design group full time as Lead Structural Designer on…

  • JackiS

    Prior to my start with Bentley Systems, in 2006 I had spent the previous years as a consultant in the Pharmaceutical industry.  Starting with phone support, moving up to desktop and then finally networking. Along the way I had worked with QA, became SME and…

  • Jerry Flynn

    Bio: Jerry D. Flynn

    Jerry Flynn is a Product Engineer at Bentley Systems with over 26 years visualization experience and 36 years of experience working with 3d computer models.
    As a Design Engineer with Planning Research Corporation  (PRC) at the Kennedy…
  • jwright@groupgsa.com

    BIM/IT Manager at Group GSA, responsible for all IT systems and development over the last 15 years. With 20+ years experience in architectural practice and as an architectural draftsman, Jim has the understanding to integrate construction needs with IT…

  • Michael Stark

    Born in the GDR in 1970, one of my first interests was mathematics.

    So following the natural way, I startet to learn computer science just after finishing school in 1986. First as a technician, later (from 1990) with studies at Technical University of…

  • Paul Cusack

    LinkedIn Profile www.linkedin.com/in/cusackpaul

  • Ray Bentley

    Executive Vice President, Software Engineering

    I am one of the original developers at Bentley Systems. I was the lead developer for MicroStation and chief architect in the Core-Graphics group. I earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from…

  • Thomas Voghera

    Architect using ABD.