• BE Communities - Auto Sign in

    Is there any way to ensure my user account remains signed in to this website? I find myself having to sign it once a day regardless of having 'Next time automatically sign me in' ticked. The browsers I use are Opera and Firefox and none stay logged…

  • Can't write to a DGN using C#

    Hi everyone,

    This is my first post and my first attempt at using C# with MicroStation. I didn't even know that was possible!!

    So I have a program that searches through the dgn file and finds elements just fine, but I need to be able to delete and…

  • CR - Arrows To Nudge Selected Elements

    My suggestion is to allow the use of keyboard arrow keys to nudge selected elements in the design.

    The distances which elements can be nudged can be set either in the application and/or overridden by a DGN setting.

    The XYZ nudges would be as stepped…

  • CR - Cell Reference Attachments Enable/Disable

    I would like the ability to create a Cell made of reference files.Of those reference files I attached, I would like an option to enable or disable the visibility of the graphics in the reference when the Cell is placed.

    For example; I have a Cell with…

  • CR: Array at Intersections Option

    Mstn has tools to:

    1. Calculate intersection points between groups of lines/curves using the Trim command.

    2. Array elements/cells along a path.

    I was wondering if the Array Along Path tool could be expanded to borrow the Trim command's code, which…

  • Creating "Viewports" in Microstation

    Hi guys. I've been a Microstation user for less than a year and so far I have noticed the huge difference between MS and AutoCAD. One of the advantages of AutoCAD is, I think, the Viewport tool. You see, here is my situation:

    In Microstation, you…

  • Export Individual Model from Models Dialog Box

    This would be a handy little feature icon on the Models dialog box...

    To be able to select a Model, click the button and export the selected individual Model to a new DGN file, or another Model/Models from the Active DGN to a new DGN.

    Possibly with…

  • Graphic Card Upgrade

    Yes I know there are a thousand threads about graphic cards, but I'm more confused after looking at 5 of them.  We have a NVDIA Quadro 2000 with 1 Gb RAM are running dual monitors, windows 7 - 64 Bit, doing 3D and are looking for possibly a better…

  • Level key-in

    Can someone let me know the key in for turning all all levels in a view, except one specific level. I want to aff another tool to a tool box.


  • Makerbot - Thing-o-matic Rapid Prototyping

    Anyone out there using Makerbot Thing-o-matic for rapid prototyping?



    Am about to build my kit in a week or so... 

  • mdl load cfgvars printCfgVarResource

    This command doesn't seem to work in V8i Select Series 1

    Also doesn't seem to work for me when working from ProjectWise.

    Any thoughts?

  • Menu's not loading.

    Hey there,

    I got a tricky one here... got some rogue Menu structures in V8i and I am having trouble tracing their origins..

    We have a site config and v8i system is copied there for all users.


    I know that V8i doesn't use M01, P01, S01, R01... [interface…

  • MicroStation V8i Variables

      Product: MicroStation
      Version: V8i
      Environment: N\A
      Area: Administration
      Subarea: N\A


    This technical document provides a description of published configuration variables in MicroStation V8i. MicroStation contains various…

  • print organizer no longer works with new sever

    I love how the new print organizer pulls from a DGNlib,  I successfully set up all my plotting options

    in that dgnlib,   it was working perfect  I assigned that defined style with a plt driver that was working.

    until our sever was upgraded,     at that time…

  • ProjectWise /MicroStation Config

    OK it looks like PW is hijacking my site configuration.

    When MS launches from PW it does not call MS Config, it calls a 'tmp' file containing a hybrid configuration.

    I don't want this to happen, I want my site config to load.

    Any thoughts…

  • reference paths

    So how do I figure out what the reference paths are so I can set up an identical directory structure for a set of drawings.  The reference manager is just showing the names (in red) and not the paths.

    The set of drawings came from outside our organization…

  • Remove All unused level

    How can i remove all unused levels on my model? I tried using the compress option but it did not work.

  • SHX Font Output Path Config Variable


    Is there a variable for MS to push SHX fonts to when saving DGN to DWG.

    Not the search paths for SHX... I thought perhaps that the output path for SHX fonts would be different to the search path for AutoCAD fonts.


  • Unable to zoom with mouse wheel with keyin strings requiring data points


    I created a keyin to place a fence and then clip a reference. Here's what it looks like:


    The problem I have is if I'm not zoomed to where I want then I have to exit the command and zoom in or out. I got around this…

  • VBA Get Design History Number

    Hello All,

    I have a project where I am trying to get the Design History number and send it to a Text Node or Tag.

    Sending the number to a Tag/Text Node is not the issue.

    The issue is that after I have retrieved the DH number, for example 1.15 from…