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rock/gabion - continious corner detail

rock wall/gabion - continious corner detail (click on image to se larger version)


materials wrapping corners correctly is not so easy in Microstation.   I have used the "place point or stream curve"-tool to draw a b-spline outline in top view of a block in my test, and the courners are slightly rounded.  Using B-splines allowes the texture to continue around the courners when using parametric mapping mode.  I've made the one to the left in my testrendering with displacement, and the one to the right with bump only.  Bump only is of course much faster, and should be the preferred method in most cases.

The problem is of course the top surface, or more precisely the edge surrounding the top surface. In this test the block is an open element - so it will only work if the top is not exposed to the camera. I can easily make the surface into a solid, but the material will not wrap correctly around this corner. I'm really not sure how to make this work without having access to a true parametric 3d material.  

Variation can easily be created by:

1) mirroring/ rotating of the material or projection of each block, or

2) copy the material and make x/y offsets to the pattern maps.