Bentley Community UKI Autumn 2008 Conference

The Bentley Community (UKI) held their annual Autumn Conference at the Royal Institute of British Architects, London; November 27-28, 2008. The conference opened on Thursday with an all day training event provided by the Bentley Institute. Users were able to attend the following three sessions:

  • Introduction to GC, Stuart Milne, Bentley Systems
  • Rendering and Animation with MicroStation, Chris Lakins and Jerry Flynn, Bentley Systems
  • Using Bentley Architecture from Day 1, Bogdan Wasylkiw, Bentley Systems

The conference portion of the event opened on Friday morning with a V8i keynote by Bentley's Global Marketing Director - Platform, Joe Croser. The keynote provided valuable information on the new V8i software portfolio as well as video testimonials of users that previewed the software at the V8i Philadelphia Launch Event. Joe's keynote focused on the feature groups within the software:

  • Intuitive, Design Modeling tools
  • Interactive, Dynamic Views
  • Intrinsic, Geo-Coordination
  • Integrated, Print Organizer
  • Interactive, Luxology Rendering

Following the Keynote, users could choose between four streams of interest: Core Stream (mainly visualization), Building Construction Stream, Infrastructure Stream, and the Academic Stream. Each stream had several sessions throughout the day in which users could cross over and attend any session from any stream of their choice.

I really enjoyed my time in London, it was a great opportunity to meet the user group as well as to see the site's in the city. I look forward to supporting the group in their future events!

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