How do we support user groups? Informative for Bentley Colleagues and Users!

Many of you know we have a Bentley User Group support program, but do you know how it works or who to contact for more information?

The Be User Group Support Team consists of myself and Rachael Lutcher.  We are the main points of contact for all user group inquiries, whether it be from Bentley Colleagues or Bentley Users.  Together we provide consistent and dependable support for Bentley User Group Be Meetings (Be Meetings = User Group Events).

Various levels of support, funding and hardware are offered to existing user groups as well as newly forming groups.  The best way to learn about our program offerings is to view the following document which includes all support offerings as well as how to request this support:

In addition we recently held a meeting with all User Group officers to review the 2010 program offerings, process, and incentives and thankfully we recorded the meeting!  If you are interested in learning about the offerings or know a user that is, feel free to pass on this information.  This link will take you to the slideshow that corresponds with the meeting recording:  You can access the recording of the call by following the instructions below, the recording expires 1.29.10.

Playback via the Internet

  1. Click on the link below or paste the entire URL into your browser:
  2. At the prompt, enter your name and email address.
  3. Click "Submit". The playback will begin.

Playback by Phone

  1. To access the conference specified above, dial the phone number shown below according to your locale.
    US/Canada - 888-899-7904
    International/Local - 706-679-5560
  2. At the prompt, enter the Playback ID: 093357341, followed by the pound sign (#).
  3. The playback will begin.

The following keypad commands are available during the conference playback:

  • 3    Fast forward 30 seconds
  • 7    Rewind 30 seconds
  • #    Pause/Resume playback
  • *    Exit playback

And as always if you need more information you can contact the Be User Group Team at