I've just returned from Ames Iowa for the IDDEA Annual Conference at Iowa State University. I had a great time at this event! The three day event took place in the Scheman building; day 1 workshops, day 2 conference day, and day 3 more workshops. Conference day provided a variety of sessions too choose from as well as several vendors in the lobby's exhibit area.


  • Speaker/Presenter dinner at the Olde Main Brewing Company, good food even better company!
  • The IDDEA group provided 35 different sessions for users to choose from on the Conference Day!  To see more of what was offered visit the IDDEA website: http://www.iddea.org/
  • Giveaways - great giveaways and there were enough for everyone to take something home
  • Meeting with fellow users interested in starting User Groups in their area

My final night in Ames was spent with the officers and presenter Patrice Rhodes at the Dublin Bay Pub. It was great time to wind down and share a few good laughs before heading home to Philadelphia. Patrice I look forward to seeing a picture of the girls!

Thanks to the IDDEA Group for organizing such a great conference and supporting Bentley in their initiatives of sustaining infrastructure, and most of all thanks for a great time! I look forward to next year.

To view a photo gallery of the event please click here.
Visit the IDDEA website: http://www.iddea.org/newsletter.htm