TMC Flanders BE User Group Meeting


I've just returned from the TMC Flanders User Group Meeting in Antwerp Belgium. This was my first international trip and it was wonderful! Antwerp is a beautiful city. On my arrival day I was able to walk around the city and take in the culture and of course some chocolate!

The TMC Flanders one day event was held September 24th at the historical Antwerp Zoo. Here are some of the many highlights of the event:

  • Bhupinder Singh presented a Bentley Corporate Overview, BE Conference Highlights, as well as a presentation on Interoperability and lifecycle ISO15926.
  • Johan Berte of Prefalux Luxemburg presented on his BE Award project Princess Elisabeth Polar Base. This unique project originated when the Belgian government commissioned the International Polar Foundation to design and construct a new research base in Antarctica. It is the first polar base that combines eco-friendly construction materials, clean and efficient energy use, optimization of the energy consumption and clever waste management techniques. Built against the Ulsteinen ridge, it is exposed to gales of up to 300km/h. The project was developed in cooperation with other Antarctic Treaty countries, such as Japan, Sweden, Germany, and Norway.
  • The BE Careers team, Zeljko Djuretic and Sjouke Monaghan, along with fellow dedicated Bentley Colleagues and Bentley Users, organized for students and educators from Institut Supérieur Industriel de Mons and Sint-Jozef (Kogeka) Geelseveral to attend the meeting. Over 100 students received hands-on Bentley Software training and had the opportunity to network and interact with Bentley users. This is a great opportunity to sustain the profession! Students in the past have connected with users at these events and received employment before graduating high school. I'm so pleased to see this at a Bentley user group event and hope that more user groups can coordinate with fellow students to work towards sustaining the profession and the world's infrastructure.
  • TMC Flanders Chairman Marcel Vandeweyer is retiring from his position. Many thanks and congratulations go to Marcel for his efforts in founding the TMC Flanders User Group and assisting in the formation of the TMC CFB. His 15 years of support and dedication is impressive, and on behalf of Bentley I want to thank him for volunteering his time to inspire others, help them learn from one another, and promote the sharing of best practices for our world's infrastructure.

Thanks to everyone for making my first trip to Europe such a delightful experience. I very much enjoyed interacting with our users as well as Bentley Colleagues from Europe. Thanks to Nico Tobbackx for his hard work, coordination, and dedication with the user group, as well as the help with my transportation from the airport to my hotel! I look forward to seeing everyone again!

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