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  • Offsets in RAM Structural System

    One of the newest features in RSS is Offsets and Rigid Links.  This feature has been in RSS since last year but is not being widely used.  Hopefully the Inside OUT of Offsets will give you the confidence to jump in and use them in your analysis.  (Based on RSS v14.05.03)

    Probably more widely thought of  in concrete construction the Offsets command works for  Beams and Columns of material type Steel, Concrete, and Other.  It…

  • Sharpen your Skills and find the RAM Elements Hidden Gems

    This week my department kicked off a series of weekly FREE Insider Skills Seminars geared to sharpen your skills.  These seminars will keep you up-to-date with new features, dig deeper into criteria, and can serve as an extension of our blog posts. 


    Event:  Insider Skills

    When: Friday's @ 1pm eastern/Noon central/10am pacific   

    Where:  Blackboard web based sharing


    Here is  our full schedule for 2013:

    Week 1:  ProStructures…

  • Integration, Integration, Integration

    Technology is both a blessing and curse at times.  If you have been trying to access our blogs you may have found that our system was down for a few days.   During this down time the Bentley Learning Conference was in full swing. 

    In the past Bentley has hosted a large users conference in Philadelphia.  This year's user conference was focused on Learning.  And learning for Structural focused on Integration.   If you are…

  • Calculations in RAM Connection

    Today I am training some users in RAM Connection fundamentals so I thought why not blog about it as well.   Every time I talk about RAM Connection with users they always ask, "Does it check X for my desired connection?"  "Where can I find detailed calculations?"  "Where did it get that capacity from?"


    Today's topic will be unlocking the "mystery" of calculations in RAM Connection (v8.0.1)…

  • Getting more out of your RAM Concept Plots

    Anyone who has looked at the Audit Cross Section Report knows that Concept calculates a ton of data for each cross section and each finite element.  The challenge is getting the information in a concise format for review.  You also know that Concept has many different plots already set up in each layer.   This blog will review the Plot Settings Slab tab to show you how to get more out of your plots.  (Settings based on RAM…

  • Hidden Gems in RAM Structural System

    In keeping with the essence of the spring holidays that are upon us, this blog will be light and fun and sprinkled with helpful hints.  Every piece of software has small little tools/features that often go undocumented and (unfortunately) unnoticed by most users.  Some of these have been around for awhile, some are new.  Enjoy!

    RAM Structural System (RSS v14.05)  Hidden Gems: 

    • Dynamic Rotation in 3D view

    3D view has…

  • Column Stiffeners in RAM Connection

    When Clean Columns just can't be achieved, RAM Connection will design stiffener's for you with more options for stiffener geometry (v8.0). 

    There are many different stiffener options throughout RAM Connection - beam stiffeners, columns stiffeners, gusset stiffeners, and brace stiffeners.  In general, stiffeners are found as a connection property and are manually turned on.  The exception being seismic bracing connections…

  • Simplify Reviewing Results in RAM Elements

    Today I have an Inside OUT for two RAM Elements features (v13.0).  These are definitely smaller features but I bet you hadn't noticed their addition.  These will save you time when reviewing your results.

    Story Drift Node Report

    This new report will allow you to compare nodal drift between elevations.  To use this report you select nodes with different Y values.  Think about the nodes in a critical column or  at the…

  • Designing Slabs in RAM Structural System

    Designing Slabs in RAM Structural System (RSS) is now possible.   In RSS version 14.05 a slab design module was added. This module gives RSS the ability to design slabs using the power of RAM Concept.

    This article has been updated for RSS version 14.07 with notes below.


    Here's the Inside OUT on this powerful new feature:

    You will need to have a licensed copy of RSS and RAM Concept installed to use the new module. 

  • ISM Not just for Integration

    ISM is not just for integration.  Utilizing an ISM repository for your analysis project will allow you to manage changes, share information with team members, and query the model without the need for analysis software.  You can do all of this for free!  (No license check out required.)

    For those of you who are not using ISM yet:  The Structual Synchornizer is a free Bentley technology that allows exchange of information from…

  • Ann Marie Inside Out

    Hello.  I am Ann Marie Garko-Hill, a training consultant and application engineer with Bentley for over six years.  My expertise is with our structural analysis software and it's integration with BIM, particularly AECOsim Building Designer.  I consider MicroStation and RAM Structural System to be my native language.  I also rank myself as knowledgeable enough to be dangerous for STAAD and Revit.  If you have ever taken…