Ann Marie Inside Out

Hello.  I am Ann Marie Garko-Hill, a training consultant and application engineer with Bentley for over six years.  My expertise is with our structural analysis software and it's integration with BIM, particularly AECOsim Building Designer.  I consider MicroStation and RAM Structural System to be my native language.  I also rank myself as knowledgeable enough to be dangerous for STAAD and Revit.  If you have ever taken a training or technical demonstration with me you know that I enjoy software and have a passion for sharing my knowledge with others.

Prior to joining Bentley I worked in a traditional Structural Engineering position for a large AE firm in Michigan.  During my time designing structures I had the great pleasure to work on a variety of different types of buildings - healthcare, university, industrial, community, and corporate.   Working on such a variety of projects also allowed me exposure to a wide range of framing systems and materials - steel, concrete, and masonry - braced, moment frame, and shear wall systems - flat slabs, waffle slabs, and composite slabs - just to name a few. 

When I started my structural engineering career in the mid 90s our structural applications existed, but in a much more limited form than what we have today.    Many times I had to think outside of the box when my design intent exceed the capabilities of the software.  In every training, demonstration, and now this blog it is my goal to share the tips and tricks I have learned along the way as well as show you a little out of the box thinking.  It is exciting to see how far we have come.

RAM Inside OUT Mission Statement

To provide insight into how we implement features in our structural analysis applications.  To provide work flows for modeling complex structures.  To illustrate features and tools that you might not know were there.  Tips to make the tools you do use more powerful.


The content that you find in this blog will assist users of RAM Structural System, RAM Elements, RAM Connection,  RAM Concept,  and AECOsim Building Designer.  I may also branch out to include STAAD and our integration with Revit on occasion.  I am here to support our users and give you great content that will be of value.  If you have any suggestions or topics you would like me to write about please leave a comment or email me,

Comeback on Feb 1st for my first technical post....ISM change management Inside OUT.

Don't let projects get you overstressed, RAM gives you strength.