Column Stiffeners in RAM Connection

When Clean Columns just can't be achieved, RAM Connection will design stiffener's for you with more options for stiffener geometry (v8.0). 

There are many different stiffener options throughout RAM Connection - beam stiffeners, columns stiffeners, gusset stiffeners, and brace stiffeners.  In general, stiffeners are found as a connection property and are manually turned on.  The exception being seismic bracing connections. 

This blog addresses column stiffeners for moment connections. 


For US Connections:

Options:  Transverse stiffeners - top, bottom, or both

               Web Stiffeners - doubler plates or diagonal



You can combine these stiffeners as needed.  The sloped stiffeners are available when your joint includes an opposite beam and you select full depth stiffeners.


If you select opposite beam and assign a moment connection the left beam will now be phantomed in for the rendered 3-D view.  In the stiffener properties you will be asked to define the type of moment connection.  This will decide the termination point of  the sloped transverse stiffeners.



For UK Connections:

 Options: Transverse stiffeners - top, bottom, or both

              Rib Stiffeners (on certain moment end plates)

              Web Stiffeners - SWP, Diagonal, and Morris



You can combine these stiffeners as needed.  Most of these stiffeners work for a single beam framing into the joint.  The sloped transverse stiffeners work as described under the US connections.

Rib Stiffeners are available for the basic moment end plate connections and the smart wind moment end plates.  Add rib stiffeners between the bolt lines inboard of the beam flange. 

The horizontal portion of the Morris stiffener can be placed at the beam flange or between the bolt rows.




For your reference:  RAM Connection bases it's design process on AISC guidelines and Design Guides for US connections and BCSA guidelines for UK connections . 


What would you like the Inside OUT on?  I want to hear from you and in two weeks I will blog about it! (

Remember, don't let projects get you overstressed, RAM gives you strength.