Getting more out of your RAM Concept Plots

Anyone who has looked at the Audit Cross Section Report knows that Concept calculates a ton of data for each cross section and each finite element.  The challenge is getting the information in a concise format for review.  You also know that Concept has many different plots already set up in each layer.   This blog will review the Plot Settings Slab tab to show you how to get more out of your plots.  (Settings based on RAM Concept v5.0.2)
















The plot settings dialog is used when creating custom plots but can also be used to tweak what is being displayed on any of the preset plans.  The plans tab will control forces, stresses, deflections, and spring reactions.  For stresses you can control at what slab depth the values are plotted.  You can even define a custom axis for results to be displayed about. 

In  the context frame you are selecting the type of values displayed.  Standard is an available option only in the loading and load combination layers.  A Standard context will give you full applied loads with NO patterning applied and in the case of individual combos using the standard load factors. The Max and Min options are more widely
available and offer the user an envelope of results.  The max and min values will review the worst case of full loading or pattern loading. For combos it will consider standard load factors and alternate load factors.  For a complete table of what Max/Min is considering in each layer see the Concept manual table 30-1.

The Plot type frame allows you to choose between contours, color contours, and intensity.  The intensity plot will show results at each of the finite element nodes.  You can select the resolution of the plots with fine and very fine increasing the time it will take the plot to regenerate.  There is an option to lift curve smoothing (it is recommended to be on - some options will not work unless curve smoothing is on).  Lifting curve smoothing will display results for each finite element.



The Magnitudes frame will allow you to control the frequency of contour lines.  For color contours you can control the value range.



A new feature in concept is animation.  You can animate any plot but it works particularly well with the vibration perspectives.



Plot settings aren't just for 2-d plots.  You can also add contours or intensities to perspectives.



Lastly let's talk about the ability to take the difference of two plots.  This isn't specific to the slab settings.  You can take the difference between any layers by selecting a plot layer and diff layer at the top of the plot settings dialog.  This comes in particularly handy for deflections.




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