Integration, Integration, Integration

Technology is both a blessing and curse at times.  If you have been trying to access our blogs you may have found that our system was down for a few days.   During this down time the Bentley Learning Conference was in full swing. 

In the past Bentley has hosted a large users conference in Philadelphia.  This year's user conference was focused on Learning.  And learning for Structural focused on Integration.   If you are still developing multiple models from scratch for your Structural Project then please take a look at the integration options that Bentley has to offer.

At the heart of the Structural Integration is ISM (or Structural Synchronizer).  If you just thought to yourself What's ISM?  Then take a few minutes to read this.  The short explanation:  ISM  is data rich, compact, portable format that Bentley and other 3rd party software are able to use to keep the transfer of data flowing in your Structural Project.

Building Projects

View of Building in RAM Structural System



View of Building in ISM



View of building in ProConcrete



Plant Projects

This is more than just a handsome campus, this campus was designed and detailed using a variety of Bentley products - AECOsim, RAM Elements,, Autopipe, OpenPlant, and Prostructures just to name a few.  The combined campus view is courtesy of ProStructures.



During the Learning conference I delivered a lecture focused on the Structural Lifecycle and Bentley's suite of software enabling a single model philosophy for  your structural project.  If you are a Learn subscriber you can view the lecture recording through this learning path link.


If you aren't leveraging integration between your Bentley applications yet please give it whirl.  We have several training classes focused on integration.   Still feeling nervous about integration?  Feel free to contact me and we can discuss integration options for your projects.


Don't let projects get you overstressed, ISM gives you strength.