ISM Not just for Integration

ISM is not just for integration.  Utilizing an ISM repository for your analysis project will allow you to manage changes, share information with team members, and query the model without the need for analysis software.  You can do all of this for free!  (No license check out required.)

For those of you who are not using ISM yet:  The Structual Synchornizer is a free Bentley technology that allows exchange of information from structural applications including BIM through the creation of an ISM (Integrated Structural Model) repository.  ISM is a compact, data rich format making sharing models effortless.  Download the Structural Synchronizer on our iWare site -

RAM Structural System, RAM concept, RAM Elements and are enabled with ISM technology. (As well as other Bentley and 3d party applications).  When the Synchronizer is installed two shortcuts are added to your desktop.  The viewer and revision manager. 


Using the ISM viewer

The ISM viewer is just what it sounds like, a way to view the model.  Most users don't realize the extent of data ISM repository contains.  The repository is not just geometry.  The ISM repository is all the good stuff that makes up your model - gravity analysis results, sizes, material, rebar, and more.  To leverage the power of the viewer start with the dynamic rotation.  Use the level manager to get a better look at a key items.  Finally selection will give you all the details on specific pieces of the model.

Click here to see how I put these tools together.

Tracking changes using the Revision Manager

Every time you update your ISM repository you are prompted to provide a description of the revisions.  (For users of the Bentley Building Products this is very similar to design history. )  All of your revisions are "bookmarked" in the history of the repository.  The Revision Manager will give you options to view the revisions,  view the differences between two revision entries,  merge multiple revision entries into a single revision, revert your repository to previous state, reclaim older revisions into your current repository (update with), and lastly the ability to undo selected revisions.


Click here to watch me use this workflow to track changes in my RSS model.


I hope you have found these tools useful and will take your use of the ISM repository to the next level.  I am excited to hear your feedback.  What do you think so far?  Leave me a comment below.

Stay tuned for another Inside OUT in two weeks. Remember, don't let projects get you overstressed, RAM gives you strength.   (or ISM in this workflow)



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