Simplify Reviewing Results in RAM Elements

Today I have an Inside OUT for two RAM Elements features (v13.0).  These are definitely smaller features but I bet you hadn't noticed their addition.  These will save you time when reviewing your results.

Story Drift Node Report

This new report will allow you to compare nodal drift between elevations.  To use this report you select nodes with different Y values.  Think about the nodes in a critical column or  at the edge of a wall.  The report will give you  the drift values for those nodes and go one step further to calculate the delta between the nodes and the drift ratio. 



Load Condition Filters

Everywhere you can select load conditions a series of new filters is available.   As the number of load cases and combos rises due to code requirements these filters make it easier to select which conditions will be used in the report/analysis that you are performing.  Being selective with which conditions are used,  will save yourself time in reviewing the results.

The filters include -

Select All

Select Current Load Condition (the active condition in the Conditions pull down)

Unselect All Load Conditions

Select All Load Cases

Select All Load Combinations

Select All Design Combinations

Select All Service Combinations


Are you using the Type category for your Load Combinations?  If you generate your combinations using the delivered templates than YES you are.  If you create the your own combinations or have a custom combination template than NO you may not be.

By using the Type field to categorize your combinations you ensure a limited, targeted number of combinations based on material or analysis type (Design or Service).  Save yourself time and headache's reviewing reports.



In two weeks check out the Inside OUT of a RAM Connection feature.

Remember, don't let projects get you overstressed, RAM gives you strength. 


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