GC Student Showcase at the University of Michigan

I had the pleasure to join the faculty and student at the University of Michigan for a GenerativeComponents Student Showcase at the Taubman School of Architecture. It was my first trip to Michigan, and while Ann Arbor was just recovering from another winter snowstorm, more than 60 people came to the CMYK Gallery to see the results of last semester's Parametric Computation studio, which was led by studio critic and Oberdick Research Fellow Jason K. Johnson.

Students in the studio shared in the mission of imagining sustainable structures that would support Los Angeles International Airport in the distant - and perhaps not so distant - future. Students explored a variety of mixed uses and inventive techniques, blending beautiful aesthetic design with sustainable building and energy systems, parking structures and living quarters, and related facilities that would support the growing needs of LAX.

In their brief presentations, each student shared their vision for sustainable design, and how GC supported their creative processes. "GC compels you to think of how the design needs can change," student Michael Lindstrom said.

Some results of the Michigan workshop will be posted to our Website soon.

Professor Peter von Buelow briefly shared results of a project of the school's Structural Framing course. Participants engaged in scores of iterations on the design of a wrought iron bridge. "If all you wanted was a static design, you could draw it in CAD," von Buelow said, noting how GC makes it possible to explore scores of design alternatives in rapid iterative cycles. In the project, participants would select pairs of design options to "breed" another generation design. Designs would cycle through Excel and Staad.PRO applications to create the next generation of design options based on the lightest-weight trusses. You can see results for yourself at www.umich.edu/~arch534.

I'm thrilled that there are more GC Student Showcases scheduled in the next several weeks. Students from Stevens Institute of Technology and Yale University will be presenting on March 18 and 25, respectively. Be sure to join us at either or both dates, to be inspired by these students' creativity and work. You can find more information at www.bentley.com/gcuniv.

Here are some pictures I took at the event and while visiting Michigan. Below, students pin up their project work in preparation for the showcase.

Below, Mary Lopez shares her insights as she presents results of her work on the LAX project.


Participants listened attentively during the presentation...


...and also had chance to network and view studio projects independently.

Michigan had been hit with a good-sized snowstorm on the day of the showcase, but that didn't prevent more than 60 people from attending the evening's activities.


Construction continues on Michigan Stadium, perhaps with a plan to make this massive stadium even larger. Wolverines!