• Every-time I open a spec in AutoPLANT SpecGen, it says it has been modified outside of SpecGEN! Why?!

    Most of the time, the message is accurate. Somebody modified the file in Microsoft Access. The error is actually just a warning message. If you added spec records on the fly (manually), you'll lose those changes when you rebuild the spec in the Specification Generator.

    However, here is another way this could happen.

    When you open a spec in SpecGen, the application will do a quick check between the physical modified…

    • Tue, Jun 26 2012
  • AutoPLANT AutoIsogen creates an iso drawing for every single component! Help!

    No, this is not a connectivity issue. This is actually an attribute issue with the naming convention of the PCF file.

    To show how this could happen, let's say you create a new project. You go to modify your Relationship Instances in Project Administrator ..

    You decide: "I don't need Unit. I don't use it". So, you delete it.

    Later on in the project, you have completed all your pipe runs and you…

    • Tue, Jun 26 2012
  • AutoPLANT Error! It won't start. 'unable to read the AT.INI file'

    Are you getting this error?

    Typically, this can happen if someone installed but did not have Administrative privileges. Thus, the files were not copied over or registered properly. The message received is actually just a note in a lsp file that will display if it fails to find the AT.INI. It is not actually looking in the above path.

    To fix this, ensure the user has admin rights on the machine and do a repair install…

    • Tue, Jun 26 2012
  • AutoPLANT Bill of Materials Error: BOMCAD.TXT Invalid File Name


    Bill of Materials report is crashing. Report Writer: Cannot export to a file C:\Documents & Settings\All Users\Application Data\Bentley\Plant V8i\Reports\BOMCAD.TXT Invalid File Name

    This will happen when the version of Crystal Reports (runtime) provided with AutoPLANT is conflicting with the version of the RPT files used. This only happens if users have customized their RPT files.

    Currently, AutoPLANT…

    • Tue, Jun 26 2012
  • How do I add SPOOL to the AutoPLANT Component Preferences toolbar

    Spool is partially installed as a Relationship in the project database. This can easily be enabled by opening the AutoPLANT project database.
    1. If using a MS Access distributed mode project, you may go to the following file: ..\project name\projdata\PROJDATA.MDB
    3. Add the line below.

      17 ROMPiping.RebisPipingEventHandler 98 3 -1 -1 0 0 0 -1 0 -1
    4. Then SAVE the changes. After restarting…
    • Tue, Jun 26 2012
  • Error: "Publish failed" when processing AutoPLANT Piping model in through Isogen in Projectwise Integrated project


    Error: "Publish failed" appears in the Export Progress dialog for AutoPLANT AutoIsogen when processing piping in a Projectwise integrated project. This error is caused by having an incorrect output path for Isogen, which is stored in the ISOGEN.FLS file. Normally, the error would say "PLOTFILE-PREFIX requires trailing backslash". However, in this case the error is different because "Publish to Project" is turned…

    • Tue, Jun 26 2012
  • How to add linenumber as prefix to spool in AutoPLANT AutoIsogen (ex. L100-1)


    This is a solution for modifying how spool number is output to Isogen. This shows how to add Linenumber as a prefix. So the end result will be something like <L100-1>.


    Open and modify the following file in the Rebis Script Editor (..\program files\bentley\plant v8i\bin\ebs_edit.exe)

    ..\program files\bentley\plant v8i\xchg\pcf\opcfhdr.ebs

    Please keep in mind, the code below is taken from…

    • Tue, Jun 26 2012
  • AutoCAD Mechanical Content Library error when starting AutoPLANT V8i SS3

    AutoPLANT Plant Design V8i SelectSeries 3 does not add in the Content Library path information required in the AutoCAD Mechanical profile. It's not necessary to have. AutoCAD will still work. But if you want to get rid of the error message, follow the steps below: 

    1. Start AutoPLANT V8i SS3 with AutoCAD Mechanical.
    2. Select OK to the error that pops up.
    3. Type in AMOPTIONS.
    4. Go to tab: AM: Content.
    5. Go to File Location…
    • Tue, Jun 26 2012
  • How do I create item sets in Bentley Navigator?



    This blog shows how to create an item set within Bentley Navigator. Item sets will allow you to group elements based on user-defined criteria from component data. Once the groups are created you can then change the color and transparency of the elements contained in the group by activating the item set. This feature is available only in Bentley Navigator.


    1. Open an imodel in Bentley Navigator.
    • Thu, Jun 2 2011
  • ODBC Errors during AutoPLANT V8i SelectSeries 3 install

    A MS Access 2010 Database Engine plug in is required in order to install AutoPLANT V8i SS3 64bit. Without it, you will get ODBC errors during installation of the product. You can download this from the following link:



    If you are running MS Office 2007 32 bit, you will have to uninstall it first…

    • Thu, Apr 21 2011
  • Records or particular sizes not in spec preview or built into spec

    This is a solution for those who have found that SpecGen is not bringing in all records from the catalog. Possibly, some sizes are missing from the spec preview and cannot be inserted into AutoPLANT Piping with this spec.

    1. Open SpecGen and open the spec.

    2. Locate the section that is not showing all records.

    3. Right click on a row and go to "select sizes".

    4. Remove any entries in the "excluded sizes…

    • Thu, Apr 21 2011
  • Cannot see or select relationship instances (project objects) in the AutoPLANT Component Preferences toolbar

    Product: AutoPLANT Piping

    Version: V8i SelectSeries 2;

    Area: Project Object; Relationship Instance; Select; Pick; Add; User Defined; multiproj; multi-proj



    This solution applies to an individual project object that cannot be viewed or selected in the Component Preferences Toolbar, while the other project objects display correctly.

    It's possibly that there are duplicate records within…

    • Fri, Apr 15 2011
  • Component Preferences not loading properly and showing corrupt display


    Component Preferences not loading properly and showing corrupt display. When this error happens, normally the Component Preferences toolbar looks like it just didn't load fully. The relationship instances and other pulldowns are missing, only showing the gray interface. However, in some cases, switching between a project that works and one that doesn't (without closing the AutoCAD session), will cause more errors as…

    • Fri, Apr 15 2011
  • How are bolt lengths calculated in AutoPLANT Piping?


    Bolt length calculations within AutoPLANT have changed and improved over the years. And with the AutoPLANT V8i releases, calculations for each bolt type have been documented in the help files for AutoPLANT Piping and SpecGen.

    You can minimalize errors in bolt lengths by first understanding how bolts are calculated and then changing your spec values in the BOLT table accordingly.


    Flange to Flange bolt lengths…

    • Tue, Mar 29 2011
  • How to change an AutoPLANT Piping project database to a new SQL Server

    These steps only apply to changing the database. More is involved if the AutoPLANT project configuration files or documents change to a new location. However, if only the SQL database is moved, then use the steps below.

    1. First, make sure everyone is out of the AutoPLANT project.
    2. Copy the SQL database to the new server.
    3. Add a SQL user account and make sure it has DBOWNER privileges to the database.
    4. Open Project Administrator…
    • Mon, Mar 28 2011
  • BOM and Report Errors in AutoPLANT V8i

    AutoPLANT V8i now comes with runtime version 11.5 for Crystal Reports. This version works with Crystal Reports version 11 and 12 (2008). However, most users are still running Crystal Reports version 7, 8 or 9 since all previous versions of AutoPLANT back to 2.0 used runtime version 7 for Crystal Reports.

    So, if you are a user that has customized your reports using Crystal Reports and now receive errors in AutoPLANT V8i…

    • Mon, Mar 28 2011
  • Converting units of an AutoPLANT project (Imperial, Metric, Mixed Metric)

    Typically, if an AutoPLANT 3D project has started and has already been modeled, there is no conversion process to change the units of the project. This is, unfortunately, due to AutoCAD being units based. (example: 1 unit = 1mm; 1 unit = 1 inch) So, the physical scale of components are not actually accurate when comparing metric to imperial side by side via xref. (metric will be about 25x larger than the imperial components…

    • Wed, Feb 9 2011
  • AutoPLANT Component Preferences toolbar not showing Relationship Instances (Project Objects)

    Every once in a while, when creating Relationships through Project Administrator, you may find that they don't show up in the Component Preferences toolbar when loading AutoPLANT. This blog shows how to manually turn them on for this toolbar.


    The Component Preferences toolbar uses the project database table REBISINSTANCESTYPEEVENTS

    Note: If using the typical MS Access distributed mode AutoPLANT project, the…

    • Wed, Jan 19 2011
  • Hardware recommendations and requirements for Projectwise Navigator

    I figured I'd post this because there can be some confusion as to what we put in the readme (minimum requirements) versus what are the ideal requirements.

    Click here for the recommended hardware for running Microstation V8i. Same recommendations apply to Projectwise Navigator V8i.


    • Wed, Dec 22 2010
  • Where is Bentley AutoPLANT dwg path information stored?

    This blog pertains to Bentley AutoPLANT 3D Plant Design software only. Most of these changes were brought into the software starting with the support of SQL Server databases in 3.0 and have continued on up to the current version (V8i SelectSeries 2).

    Pathing information is stored in several places. It is stored in the registry on the individual computer, in the xdata or each individual dwg and on the project level in…

    • Thu, Dec 16 2010
  • Can't see any "base" components in the Select Classes section of SpecGen

    "Base" components are all the standard components (pipes, fittings, valves etc) that you would find under the Piping menu in AutoPLANT. These standard components are generally considered carbon steel or stainless steel as opposed to module specific components (Victaulic, Tubing, Lined Pipe, Ductile etc), which all have their own separate menus.

    In the Specification Generator "select classes" dialog, the li…

    • Thu, Dec 16 2010
  • View Errors in Bentley View or Document Manager/Vision

    This issue comes up often enough that I thought it worth posting in BE Communities. If you are running Bentley products with AutoCAD 2010 or 2011, you may have run into an error in one of our viewing programs (Bentley View, Projectwise Imodel Composer, Document Manager or Vision). This error will only happen if AutoCAD 2010 or 2011 is installed.

    To fix the viewing problems, install Bentley AutoDesk RealDWG 2010. You can…

    • Thu, Dec 16 2010
  • error when accessing at_prodsv8i.dbf

    In the past, a user could manually change the project root files (AT_PROJ.DBF, AT_PRODS.DBF and ACCESS.MDB) if necessary. The DBF files should be opened through MS Access (which basically creates a new MDB file and links to the DBF). However, with the release of AutoPLANT V8i Edition, the project root file AT_PRODS.DBF was renamed to AT_PRODSV8i.DBF. If you try to open this file, you will get the following error:


    • Wed, Sep 1 2010
  • Where the files are stored for AutoPLANT (and how to wipe it clean)

    There are times when you'll need to reinstall AutoPLANT whether due to problems on the machine, incorrectly uninstalling the first time, or even upgrading. In any event, if you're going to uninstall and reinstall, it's sometimes better to wipe the machine clean. This blog is not intended to retread some information that's already out there, or to give full steps. But this is intended to point you to where…

    • Fri, Apr 23 2010
  • Send a published model. It's intelligent!

    The i-model Composer can generate an i-model (which is a published DGN file). The i-model will retain intelligence of all the components and is reviewable and searchable in Bentley Navigator. This is a blog to illustrate how to access the intelligence and how to search for tags.

    At first glance, it may look like there is quite a few steps for searching for one component. But in the end, you'll see that this is a much…

    • Fri, Apr 9 2010