• Informational: Upcoming Courses

    Just a quick note for anyone trying to locate training for ProStructures, my colleague, Tegel Zarate, has done an excellent job of listing and linking to all the remaining courses through to the end of the year. If you are looking for a live instructor led course for ProStructures in the North American time zones then take a look at this post here: ProStructures courses for 2014

  • SS6 - Copying and Setting Rebar Codes

    How we change, create or add to the rebar codes is the topic of discussion for today but before I begin, let me quote the help file that comes with the program.

    "Warning: Be very careful when changing rebar and concrete code settings. These values affect nearly every calculation and drawing object you create in the modeling and detailing processes. "


    These codes should be changed before a model or project…

  • Insider Skills (Special Interest Group) - 1st Half of 2014

    These seminars are FREE Live 1 Hour Seminars that you can use to gain knowledge & sharpen your skills.  The 'Insider Skills' series is offered weekly and various software titles are featured on the first four Fridays of every month at 1PM Eastern (Noon Central / 10AM Pacific). The second half of 2014 is not yet scheduled but will be posted when it is.


    Some of the New Features in 2014 are:

    • Registration will…
  • SS6 - Modifying Text and Labels in 2D Drawings - ProStructures [MS]

    Modifying Text and Labels in 2D Drawings [MicroStation]

    When generating a 2D drawing in ProStructures, the detail block that is inserted often appears as a single element when selected. In this blog we will look at how this can be rectified so that dimensions, labels and other text can be moved individually. Remember however that and changes to the physical elements themselves should be done back in the original model…

  • ProSteel: The Extended Stair Tool

    The Extended Stair tool was introduced to ProStructures in SS3 as a way of allowing users to build a parametric staircase using a different set of features. This tool is not to be mixed up with the new 'Standard Stair' tool that was released with the SS6 version of ProStructures.

      Section 1.1 – Using the extended stair tool

    The purpose of this document is to introduce you to the Extended Stairs tool, its…

  • ProStructures: Additional Resource

    One of our ProStructures colleagues, Jitender Sansoa, from the Technical Support Group will be providing new content and solutions to known problems in his BE Communities BLOG.

    If you have a technical question or are having an issue with ProStructures then this may be a good resource for you.

    You can find his BLOG by following this link: >> Jitender Sansoa's BLOG <<


  • Using Hatch Patterns into 2D Drawings

    Placing Hatch Patterns into 2D Drawings


    When placing hatch patterns into a 2D drawing a few things need to be considered.

    1. The Hatch need to be defined      ahead of time in the 'Patterning Styles" section of the Detail Style.
    1. Objects/Elements need to use      the defined Hatch style in the Object Display section.
    1. The option for 'cut' needs to      be set in the Partial Views section of the Detail Style…
  • NEWS: ProStructures SS6 Release

    News of the ProStructures SS6 version has been announced and made available on Bentleys SELECTServer for download.

    More Information is available here:





  • SS5 - Stretching / Altering Bay Sizes

    With Interfering Elements

    When a model is built, if for some reason the bay size needs to be altered after the miscellaneous steel has been placed, then altering the model may become a bit more difficult. The reason for this being that not all miscellaneous steel will react the way the user is expecting. One example of this would be bracing elements created using the commonly used dynamic bracing command. In this example…

  • SS5 - Search Tool

    Search Tool (for ACAD based ProStructures version)

    In this blog we are going to focus on a particular ProStructures tool called ‘Search Parts’. This search tool will allow you to manipulate what you see in your model in different ways.

    For this example we will look at a model that would need to have its beam members modified. This will demonstrate a way by which these beam members can be segregated easily…

  • SS5 - Isolate Tool

    The Isolate tool is a tool that quietly slipped in since the release of Select Series 5. This tool has been added to the ProStructures task area under MicroStation and on the View Tools toolbar under AutoCAD.


    The purpose of this tool is to help visualize a shape, sub-group, group or assembly by presenting it in 4 different views. With this the selected object is automatically taken and shown with a Front, Top, Left…

  • SS5 - Workframe using ALT Key-In

    Adding Gridlines:


    Setting up a large workframe can be cumbersome if many different bay sizes are required. Here's a quick way to go in and add in bay sizes that may save you some time and frustration.


    To use the key-in method, Uncheck the evenly spaced option and open the dropdown box on the right.


    With the dropdown open, hold the 'ALT' key and left click anywhere in the dropdown. This will bring up another…

  • NEWS: SS6 Release and AutoCAD 2014 Support


    In case you haven't heard, here are a couple of things that have been announced lately.

    • The SS6 version of ProStructures will soon be released. 
    • AutoCAD 2014 support is now available.
    • Information about the Migration Assitant, the Archiving Assistant and Enhanced Section and Material Mapping for ISM is now available.
    • There is a new standard stair utility being released.


    You can find more information about…

  • SS5 - DWT Creation (Best Practices)

    PS V8i (SS5) – DWT Creation - Best Practices for AutoCAD

      Chapter One  

    Before beginning to generate a model in ProStructures, many of the underlying settings should be in place. There are quite a few settings to consider but fortunately, most of these can be saved to a Drawing Template (DWT) and loaded each time a new model is to be created. It is the understanding throughout this post that you already know how…

  • Insider Skills - Session 02


    Even with the July 4th holiday in the USA yesterday, attendeance was good. A wonderful group of people turned out to check out some of the information provided in the latest Insider Skills session. This weeks session focused on 2D Detail Center related items and covered things like using the 'Anchor Point' & the use of 'Descriptions' in the 2D drawings as well as a few other topics. As a matter of fact,…

  • Insider Skills - Heading into Week 2

    Week 1 for ProStructures went well and considering this was the very first Insider Skills presentation, the attendance was very good.  We covered a couple of topics including:

    • How to bring your software together through ISM / ‘Structural Synchronizer’.
    • Bridging the ProStructures MicroStation and AutoCAD platforms.
    • A look at other forms of model exchange such as native element conversion; neutral file…
  • Insider Skills: ProStructures - Free eSeminars starting with ProStructures


     Did you know about the Insider Skills seminars being presented by Bentley Systems?

     These seminars are FREE Live 1 Hour Seminars that you can use  to gain knowledge & sharpen your skills.  The 'Insider Skills' series is offered weekly and ProStructures is featured on the first Friday of every month at 1PM Eastern (Noon Central / 10AM Pacific).

     How to Connect:

     You can join us this Friday, June 7th,…

  • ProConcrete Detail Style - Annotation Tip

    This post focuses specifically on one of the ProStructures 'Detail Style' settings. Specifically we will be looking  the Annotation area for rebar, in the 'Text Format' field.


    When you hover over this field, if the tooltip option is enabled, a small pop-up will appear that lists many of the variables which can be used.


    Some of the options that are available in ProConcrete however are not called out…

  • Product.cfg - Replacing the old pro_st3d.cfg file

    In a follow-up to the article written by Tegel Zarate here:


    I thought that I would mention a change that will likely take place in the MicroStation version of the upcoming ProStructures release.

    For years, whenever a user wanted to control the location…

  • NASCC 2013

    Though the weather was against us, Bentleys week at the NASCC in St. Louis was still an eventful one. With three main seminars and plenty of in-booth presentations covering topics such as RAM, STAAD, ProStructures and ISM the booth was once again a hot spot for people looking for innovative software. People gathered around the presentation screen as several different 15 minute presentations were performed throughout the…

  • ProStructures SS5 for AutoCAD is available

    Did you know that ProStructures SS5 for AutoCAD has been released. Members with Select can get a hold of a copy here: http://selectservices.bentley.com/en-US/. For Select Members, simply go to the "Downloads --> Software Downloads / MySELECT CD" option and then search for the ProStructures Product when prompted. (You may need to log in first.)

    ProStructures SS5 provides many enhancements to: Stability, …

  • Introduction

    Hey there,

    This being my first post let me take a minute and introduce myself.  My name is Douglas Morton and I am an Applications Engineer with Bentley Systems. My specific area of knowledge includes ProStructures. ProStructures is a 3D modeling package that allows the user to build 3D models in both Steel and Concrete. From here 2D drawings can be developed based off the generated 3D models. For more information please…