Insider Skills - Session 02


Even with the July 4th holiday in the USA yesterday, attendeance was good. A wonderful group of people turned out to check out some of the information provided in the latest Insider Skills session. This weeks session focused on 2D Detail Center related items and covered things like using the 'Anchor Point' & the use of 'Descriptions' in the 2D drawings as well as a few other topics. As a matter of fact, though three and sometimes four topics are presented, this was an unprecedented five topics which meant that each topic needed to be covered quickly in order to finish on time. The presentation went well however and many satisfied attendees responded with positive feedback. So thank-you all, you should know that your feedback is always appreciated, whether it is positive or otherwise.

For anyone who did not get to attend this session a new session for ProStructures is held on the first Friday of each month at 1PM Eastern. More information can be found here:  >>> Click Here <<<  Additionally if you are interested in AutoPIPE, RAM or STAAD.Pro, the same link provides information on how you can attend the Insider Skills sessions that apply to each of these.

 Let me end by saying, I hope to see you all at the next session and if anyone missed the first 'Insider Skills' session you can find it online here: >>> Click Here <<<

EDIT: July 10, 2013

The second session has just been posted and can be found here: >>> Click Here <<<