SS5 - Isolate Tool

The Isolate tool is a tool that quietly slipped in since the release of Select Series 5. This tool has been added to the ProStructures task area under MicroStation and on the View Tools toolbar under AutoCAD.


The purpose of this tool is to help visualize a shape, sub-group, group or assembly by presenting it in 4 different views. With this the selected object is automatically taken and shown with a Front, Top, Left and Iso view.


Lets take a look at an example of how this works. In this example we start with a simple model.


With the model showing, select the type of Isolation you want to create from the toolset.


In this case we will look at the 'Isolate group' function.


Click the button and then the member included in the group and the results will be something like this.


There is also an option to show the selection with adjacent parts, if I were to select the group option with adjacent parts then the result would be similar to this.