SS5 - Workframe using ALT Key-In

Adding Gridlines:


Setting up a large workframe can be cumbersome if many different bay sizes are required. Here's a quick way to go in and add in bay sizes that may save you some time and frustration.


To use the key-in method, Uncheck the evenly spaced option and open the dropdown box on the right.


With the dropdown open, hold the 'ALT' key and left click anywhere in the dropdown. This will bring up another dialog which will allow you to enter values for each line, separated by a comma.


The way this dialog window works is that each value entered represents one of the lines in the dropdown box. So the first value would be the first line of the dropdown, the second value would be the second line and so on in order.


If a series of equally spaced bays occur it is possible to type it in like this "4*10:0" without quotes. This will tell the system to generate 4 bays in a row at 10 feet each. Simply use a comma before and after this statement in the same way you would if you were entering a single value.


Removing the Gridlines: 

In addition to using the dropdown like usual and typing in a 0:0 value where needed, this method can also be used to reset the lines to 0:0 if needed. To remove all the bays simply open the alternate key-in dialog and type in a number greater than the amount of bays that exist times 0:0.  For example, if you had 49 bays you could open the Key-in dialog and type "50*0:0" and this would reset all the values to '0' and the bays would disappear.

 Keep in mind however that using this method will always start from the first value in the list and so if only specific values in the middle of the list should be removed then it might be easier to do it from the dropdown; unless all the values still appear in the key-in dialog when reopened, in wich case you could simply exchange the value listed with a 0.