SS6 - Copying and Setting Rebar Codes

How we change, create or add to the rebar codes is the topic of discussion for today but before I begin, let me quote the help file that comes with the program.

"Warning: Be very careful when changing rebar and concrete code settings. These values affect nearly every calculation and drawing object you create in the modeling and detailing processes. "


These codes should be changed before a model or project is started. With that said, let's look at how the codes can be copied, changed and used.


Accessing and Copying the Codes


First thing is how do we access the rebar codes. In the ProConcrete section there is an icon that looks like a small blue isometric square.


Left clicking on this icon will load the Rebar Codes dialog box.

To make a copy of any of the code sets in here, simply select which one you want to copy and right-click. A small dialog should appear which allows you to copy and paste. Select the 'copy' option.

Anywhere in the window with the list of codes, right-click and 'Paste' the codes you just copied and you will have an exact duplicate series of the original codes.


Changing the Codes

Select any portion of the copied codes and then from the window on the right, make changes.

You can also delete or copy/past the sub areas such as Grade Info, Coating Info, Rebar Info, etc.. To end up with a list of rules that suits your needs. To do this, use the right-click method on these areas as you did above. Keep in mind if you delete an area there is no way to bring it back so use caution when doing this.


Using the Modified Codes

This can sometimes be tricky if you are unsure of how the process works. If you have copied and then modified the codes to the point where you are satisfied then you can simply select the new "RebarCode<...>" (by the main name before expanding), right-click and use the "Set as Current" option.


Additionally, you can also use the "Set as Default" option if you like, however, the 'Default' option only comes into play if you are using this DGN/DWG as a template for new drawings and want to set a specific code to be used each time a new drawing is started.


When you set the 'current' code the software then reads the selected code and uses it with the current DGN/DWG model.


Once you've done this, the rebar tools should see the changes in the selected set of codes and list them for use with the rebar tools. Compare the Bar Size available in the image below with the changes made in the image above, you'll notice that they are the same.


*** Be careful, if you are changing a set of codes that is already 'SET AS CURRENT' then the changes will not be reflected in the rebar tools when done. To make these changes active you MUST make another set of codes 'Set As Current' and then switch back to the codes you were just working on. This will force the program to reread the changes and make them available. This is the ONLY way to make your changes available. Rebooting or restarting the software will NOT read in the new information from the changes you made.



Using these simple tools and keeping a couple of very important pieces of information in mind, you should be able to setup just about any style of rebar required and have as many possibilities as you like.