Using Hatch Patterns into 2D Drawings

Placing Hatch Patterns into 2D Drawings


When placing hatch patterns into a 2D drawing a few things need to be considered.

  1. The Hatch need to be defined      ahead of time in the 'Patterning Styles" section of the Detail Style.
  1. Objects/Elements need to use      the defined Hatch style in the Object Display section.
  1. The option for 'cut' needs to      be set in the Partial Views section of the Detail Style.


Let's take a look at a few of these screens and see how they are set up.


STEP 1: Defining the Hatch Style

The Hatch style can be defined by going into the detail style and navigating to the 'Patterning styles' section. This can be found by going to 2D Display --> Common --> Line Display --> Patterning Styles.


Once here a screen offering pattern, line weight, angle, scale and colour can be found.



To create a style, type a name into the "Style name" box and fill out the Patterning attributes. Next left-click on the button that looks like an arrow pointing down. Pressing this button will add/update the value that appear on the screen.


STEP 2: Using the Hatch in General Arrangement Drawings

With the hatch styles defined, it is now necessary to use them by setting the hatch option in the Object Display section.



From the Object Display section of the detail style, select the rule created for the part that needs to be modified and change the 'Patterning Style' to one of the hatches that were created in the previous step.


STEP 3: Setting the View Display to 'CUT'

One of the most overlooked steps is the last step which requires the use of the 'cut' option to be set in the 'Partial Views' section of the detail style.



If this setting is not set to 'cut' then the hatch will not be displayed in the general arrangement drawing. Note that the elements that are displayed using a hatch style can be controlled from the 'Object Display' section shown in step two.



If all settings are in place then the hatching should appear and from here annotation and rebar display can also be controlled as needed.