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!Warning - before changing config variables contact your admin!
MicroStation Administrator Training is recommended to understand the hazards - You have been warned









KeyIn for all available MicroStation Configuration Variables

Two textfiles are generated. Results files are created in the folder of the open dgn 

Mdl load cfgvars printCfgVarResource


All Config Vars currently in use
Command prompt (in standard-installation path)

"C:\Program Files\Bentley\Program\MicroStation\ustation.exe" -debug

Result is a textfile as announced

C:\Documents andSettings\….\temp\msdebug.txt


To also see hidden Config-Variables

Add this variable



Keyin to see the current value of a Config Variable
expand echo $(ms_designseed)

Value shown in the message center


Keyin to set a variable in a design session

expand set MS_LEVEL_SEED_LEVEL_NAME = MyLevel

In this example: Level to be used as template when creating a new level


Working on the current projects Config Vars in the dialog



V8i Configuration Variables


V8  XM Edition Configuration Variables


AskInga on Configuration Variables


What happens when microStation is started?


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