A note on using AutoPLANT with Windows Vista

AutoPLANT always requires Administrator privileges to properly install on a machine. This tends to be routine for many applications.  When using Vista, however, it may become more complicated.  This is because in VIsta, being an Administrator on a machine doesn't necessarily guarantee full Administrator provileges (What??).  This is the result of a rather poorly advertised setting called User Account Control (for a detailed description of these controls see http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc709691.aspx )

This nifty litttle control can become quite troublesome when trying to install AutoPLANT, as it may restrict the installation package from some of the directories it must access to ensure a proper installation.  Therefore, it is beneficial to disable User Account Control before attempting to install AutoPLANT. 

For automatic disabling of this feature by Microsoft or for step by step instructions to manually disable, please see Microsoft KB article # 951016

Thanks for reading.